Brown Knitted Silk Tie Perfect For Evenings Out & Date Night

Posted by Rishi Chullani on

Brown Knit Tie

Looking for that perfect tie that adds textural variation and character to your ensembles? Cue the Knit Tie. Knitted ties are characterized by a textured, open weave that feature square ends (versus triangular ends for conventional ties), a slimmer profile and no interlining. As such, Knitted Ties are perfect for dressing up a more casual ensemble and for dressing down a formal ensemble.

This stunning look by @mohammedalnazal with Instagram features a stunning silk knitted brown tie, against a blue shirt and checkered houndstooth blazer. This exquisite knitted tie works perfectly as the brown tie pops off beautifully against the blue shirt, with the knit texture providing the perfect balance against the cotton shirt. This is also perfectly balanced with the houndstooth blazer and slightly larger checkered pocket square design.

This look is ideal for daily work, and more so, on an evening out with friends or date night!

Featured Tie: Lawrence Brown Knitted  Silk Tie

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