Ties & Accessories FAQ

Ties & Accessories FAQ Page Map:

 1. Company Background.

  • What is The Dark Knot?
  • Why the name The Dark Knot?
  • What charitable organization have you partnered with

 2. Shipping

  • Does the cost of an item include shipping?
  • How long does delivery take?
  • When does my order get shipped?
  • Will I receive tracking information on my order?
  • Can I change or cancel and order that I have already placed?

 3. About Our Ties

  • What is the difference between a woven and printed silk necktie?
  • Are all of your ties priced at USD 76?
  • What are your neckties made of?
  • What is the sizing of your ties?
  • Are your neckties stain resistant?

 4. Tie Care

  • How to untie a tie
  • How to get rid of tie stains
  • Can a tie be machine washed?
  • How to get wrinkles out of your ties
  • How to store ties

 5. How To Style The Dark Knot’s Ties

  • What type of knot do you suggest I try with The Dark Knot ties?
  • What is the easiest tie knot to tie?
  • When and where should I wear Dark Knot ties?

 6Pocket Squares

  • How are your Pocket Squares made?
  • What is the sizing of your pocket squares?
  • How should I style my pocket squares with a suit?
  • How should I style my pocket squares with a sports jacket?

 7.  Bracelets

  • What kind of bracelets do you offer?
  • How large are your bracelets
  • How large are the beads on your beaded bracelets?

 8. Tie Bars

  • What kind of tie bars does The Dark Knot Offer?
  • What is the sizing of your tie bars?
  • How should I wear / style my tie bar

 9. Slim Wallets

  •  What Makes Your Pro Performance Slim Wallets stand out?

10. Money Clip

  • What makes your money clips different?

11. Colorful Socks

  • How are your socks made and what is their composition?

12. Collar Stays

  • What is a collar stay?
  • What material are your collar stays made from?
  • What is the sizing of your collar stays?

13. Lapel Flowers

  • How are your lapel flowers made?
  • What size lapel flower should I opt for?
  • How do I wear / style my lapel flowers?

14. Cufflinks

  • How are your cufflinks made?
  • How are the fasteners of your cufflinks designed?

15. Men's Scarves

  • How are your scarves made?
  • What are the dimensions of your scarves?

1. Company Background

What is The Dark Knot?

The Dark Knot is a Men’s Ties & Accessories concept that launched in 2014 with 72 woven and printed silk tie designs across a range of patterns including stripes, solids, abstracts, geometric foulard patterns and animal prints. 

Today, The Dark Knot carries a wide range of Ties & Accessories, including: Silk Ties, Knit Ties, Skinny Silk Ties, Floral Cotton Ties, Unique Novelty Polyester Ties, Made In Italy Woven, Printed Silk & Grenadine Ties, Silk & Linen Pocket Squares, Leather & Beaded Bracelets, Stackable Beaded Bracelets, Anchor Bracelets, Tie Bars, Cufflinks, Lapel Flowers, Money Clips, Slim Wallets, Colorful Socks, Men’s Scarves & Brass Collar Stays.


The Dark Knot was founded on the core philosophy of (1) providing the market with affordable, luxurious hand made ties & accessories and (2) helping gentlemen dress better.  Hence, each of our ties & accessories come presented in an elegant black gift box along with a card with recommendations for matching attire. Never leave your house mismatched again!

Additionally, each necktie comes with a tie clip that fastens the reverse side of your ties to two shirt buttons, thereby allowing you to eliminate what can often be unpleasant necktie wearing experiences, such as eating steak or washing your hands (no more having to tuck your necktie into your shirt or hanging it over your shoulder!).

Our focus is on providing high quality neckties (& accessories) with great presentation, while keeping our customers front and center of our philosophy.  Hence the matching recommendations for suits and shirts and the tie clips.  We don’t believe that any transaction should end at the point our product leaves the shelf.  As far as we’re concerned, this is the start of our transaction.  From that point onwards, we want to help you enjoy your necktie experience as much as possible.


In conjunction with our desire to help men dress better, we have created a men’s formalwear fashion blog as part of our domain (http://www.thedarkknot.com/blogs/suitupdressup)  that addresses a range of topics related to men’s formalwear fashion, from how & when to wear a necktie, styling of pocket squares, bracelets and more to bespoke tailoring of suits and shirts to tuxedos, how to dress for weddings, seasonal fashion trends and beyond.  We hope that you find this resource useful in helping you navigate your way through the fast evolving world that has become Men’s fashion!

Why the name The Dark Knot?

When we were conceptualizing a brand name for the necktie (& accessories) line, we wanted our brand to be a symbolism of masculinity and strength, while still maintaining an aura of chicness.  We feel that the brand name and the panther logo embody these concepts and help bring the brand to life.  The panther represents strength and speed, and the black and white theme encompassing the whole name and logo demonstrates a level of chicness that is apparent throughout the product, from the final construction of the ties (& accessories), to the quality of the packaging, suit and shirt recommendations and the tie clip.

The focus on the Knot quite literally represents our focus on the quality of the neckties, which ultimately results in a stunning tie knot.  All our neckties are made from high quality silk, are self-tipped and are interlined with a double layer of wool and cotton, yielding exquisite drape and a rich, thick knot – the envy of every gentleman.

Ultimately, this brand represents elegance and masculinity, and above all else, a fine product, and we are truly excited about bringing this rich combination to the market at an affordable price!

What Charitable Organization have you partnered with?

We have entered into an agreement with SOS Children’s villages, a non-profit dedicated to helping abandoned, destitute and orphaned children requiring family care.  SOS provides about 50,000 such children and 15,000 young adults with a permanent new family and new SOS mother to provide family based care.  We believe that we really are fortunate to live in a world where concerns such as how to dress can take importance.  We want to bridge that gap with a world where getting by on a daily basis in and of itself is a huge struggle. 

We would like to thank all of you for your interest in The Dark Knot, as each transaction with one of you helps us help SOS in a small, but hopefully meaningful way. Thank you all once again!

2. Shipping

Does the cost of an item include shipping?

Product prices do not include the price of shipping. We currently charge $9.99 for standard shipping and $19.99 / $29.99 for expedited shipping for U.S / global orders.

For U.S orders over $200 (pre-discount codes) we offer a reduced expedited shipping rate of $9.99.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery times for our standing shipping option ($9.99) typically take 7-10 days, while expedited delivery options take 2-3 days.

When does my order get shipped?

All orders are shipped out by the next business day.  Holidays and weekends are not business days.  Weekend orders will be shipped on the following Monday.

If you are looking for a last minute gift, please try our Ties & Accessories Men’s Gift Cards.  Our gift cards are e-mailed to you instantly after your order. 

Will I receive tracking information on my order?

We follow up on all orders with tracking details via our backend system as soon as your order has been prepared for dispatch.

Can I change or cancel and order that I have already placed?

We can accept changes or cancellations to your order as long as they are communicated prior to your order being dispatched. Any cancellations after dispatch will have to go through our standard refund process. Please read more about our 30 Days Return & 60 Day exchange policy here.

3. Ties

What is the difference between a woven and printed silk necktie?

There are two main types of silk ties – printed and woven.  The main difference is that the fabric for a printed silk is made up of the same silk which is subsequently dyed to form the color patterns.  A woven tie, however, is made up of various color fibers that form a pattern.  The main benefit behind a woven silk tie is the texture.  A woven silk tie has texture, whereas a printed silk tie tends to be flat. 

Woven silk is similar to but should not be mistaken for embroidery. Weaving refers to the process of two distinct sets of yarns or threads interlacing with each other to form the fabric. The warp thread runs lengthways (north to south) while the weft thread runs left to right (west to east). This sequence of raised and lowered threads is what creates the desired pattern, leading to a textured look, yielding a sense of depth, and ultimately, luxury. Woven silk ties are therefore heavier than printed silk ties, given that threads are interlaced to create the pattern.

Printed Silk Ties have historically been made using large screens to print special dyes, which imprint the fabric. Several print colors are possible, requiring the use of a different screen for the infusion of each color, with each color required to dry before the next one is applied. Given that printed silk ties do not use the interlacing of yarns to produce a pattern, they are flat relative to woven silk ties.

As such, as a general rule of thumb, woven silk ties are best suited towards more formal settings, whereas printed silk ties are best suited towards more casual settings.

Are all of your ties priced at USD 76?

The vast majority of The Dark Knot’s Silk Ties are priced in either our Standard Collection ($76), Luxury Line Haute Collection ($90) our Premium Tie Line ($104) ranges. We also carry a range of silk knit ties, floral cotton ties, unique novelty polyester ties, and a higher end ultra premium, Made In Italy Tie collection, consisting of woven, printed silk and grenadine ties!

What are your neckties made of?

All of our silk neckties are handmade from 100% silk, are self-tipped (silk tipping) and interlined with a double layer of wool and cotton.  We have ensured that the utmost attention and care has gone into the making of every single necktie that we hold.  We truly are excited about bringing you such a high quality product at an affordable price.  Please feel free to read more about the construction of our ties here.  

Courtesy of www.gentlemanwithin.com

What is the sizing of your ties?

The vast majority of our silk neckties are 3.25 (8.3cm) inches in width, trending in line with the narrower end of regular width ties. We also have slimmer silk neckties that are labelled as such, which are offered in 2 5/8 inches width (6.7 cm).  Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing!  We are looking to introduce skinny ties in the future.

The Dark Knot’s Ties are offered in Regular & Extra Long Length!

Our neckties come in two sizing options; Regular and Extra length.  Our regular length ties are 58 inches (147 cm) while our Extra Length ties, reserved for men who are generally 6’2 (1.88 meters) and taller are 63 inches (160 cm). 

Please use your discretion when choosing your sizing.  If you are 6’0  (1.83 meters) or 6’1 (1.85 meters) and are broad shouldered with a big neck and protruding chest, an extra length tie could be suitable for you.  Additionally, if you are approximately 6’0  tall (1.83 meters), of moderate stature but prefer to wear a full windsor knot, an extra long length tie may be recommended, given that extra tie fabric is needed to tie the knot!

Are your neckties stain resistant?

Our neckties are not stain resistant.  Ultimately, a Teflon finish can provide stain and water resistance, but we decided against this as Teflon essentially adds a plastic resin layer to your tie to deflect stains and water, thereby taking away from the natural silk feel of our ties.  Please visit our Tie Care page for more information on Tie maintenance and stain removals.

4. Tie Care

How To Untie A Tie              

Contrary to popular belief, tie care is not just limited to how you keep your ties preserved when they are not being worn – untying your tie in an appropriate manner is absolutely critical to ensuring that your neckties are well taken care of! When removing your tie after a hard day at the office, or a formal event – or the Kentucky Derby, be sure to remove your tie in the reverse order that it has been tied. Hence, you want to start with pulling the skinny end through the loop first and reversing the knot.

However, it is best to loosen your knot first by gently pulling the tie side to side, so as not to strain the tie fabric when untying your tie knot!

How To Get Rid Of Tie Stains

In the event that your tie does stain, we would suggest one of the following:

  • Dabble Seltzer Water Or Club Soda with a cloth on the stain. Do not rub vigorously
  • If you happen to get greasy materials staining your tie, talcum powder happens to be far more effective than water, as the powder will absorb the grease. After a few hours, you can wipe off any residue with a soft cloth.

Can A Tie Be Machine Washed

Contrary to popular opinion, ties cannot and should not be machine washed. Washing machines and dryers are rough, while ties are delicate. A washing machine will leave your tie creased and will most likely inflict damage upon the gently folded layers and lining of a well made item!

If you want your ties cleaned, we highly recommend taking your ties to a dry cleaner. However, if pressed too hard, the fibers may break and ruin the tie. Please check that the dry cleaner uses a handpress so as to maintain the rounded edges of that exquisite tie of yours!

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Your Ties

Ah, the issue or removing wrinkles from your ties! At The Dark Knot, we generally suggest trying one, if not all three of the following:

  • Gently iron press over the ties. It is imperative that one uses a piece of cloth in between the iron and the tie, so as not to damage the tie. Lay the tie flat out on an ironing board, and with a piece of cloth in between the iron and the tie, gently iron press over the wrinkled areas
  • Keep your ties rolled up in a chest of drawers overnight, allowing wrinkles to be worked out of the ties.
  • If you don’t have access to a steamer, hang your ties in the bathroom with a hot shower running, allowing the steam to work the wrinkles and creases out of your ties.

Sometimes, prevention is the best medicine, and we suggest always carefully untying your ties to minimize the build up of wrinkles and creases.

How To Store Ties

There are only really two preferably ways to store your ties:

  • Unknot your tie and drape it over a tie rack. Hanging your ties will keep them crisp. After three days or so, most wrinkles will begin to fade. Storing your tie in its knitted form will create long lasting wrinkles that will shorten the life of your tie.
  • Rolling your ties and placing them in a chest of drawers.

5. Styling Dark Knot Ties

What type of knot do you suggest I try with The Dark Knot ties?

Personally, at the Dark Knot, we love the Half Windsor, as it provides thickness, depth and elegance like the Full Windsor, though without the fuss and pomp.  However, choosing your knot isn’t always as simple as that.

The Dark Knot’s Windsor Grey Tie worn to perfection with a half windsor knot!

As a general rule of thumb, slimmer knots such as the four in hand knot complement slimmer men, while wider knots such as a full Windsor complement men of broader stature. However, if one is looking to reduce perceived horizontal lines and appear slimmer, a four in hand knot could work with a heavier man, and vice versa, a full Windsor knot could work with a slimmer man who is looking to enhance perceived horizontal lines and therefore look broader!

Burgundy Geometric Foulard Silk Tie

The Dark Knot’s Dorchester Foulard Burgundy Silk Tie tied exquisitely with a Full Windsor Knot!

Please feel free to read our extensive guide on how to tie a tie here.

What Is The Easiest Tie Knot To Tie?

Technically speaking, the Simple Knot is the easiest tie knot to tie. However, the most commonly worn casual tie knot is the four in hand knot. While the Four In Hand might be one of the easiest ways to tie a tie knot, it also happens to be extremely versatile. A four in hand knot pairs well with slim collars, shirts or even more playful shirt patterns. A Four In Hand Tie Knot can be worn to daily work, on a date night or on an evening out with friends. For events that are a bit more formal in nature, such as a wedding reception, or an important presentation, we would suggest tying a half Windsor or full Windsor knot!

Read more about how to tie a four in hand knot here.

When and where should I wear Dark Knot ties?

Everywhere and anywhere!  We are ecstatic to bring you high quality neckties in a range of patterns that we really believe can be worn to a multitude of occasions, from classic interview, work and boardroom settings to weddings in the winter or summer, the Kentucky derby, gala events or just on a night out on the town!  And with the sleek black box that the ties come in, a purchase at The Dark Knot makes for the perfect gift item for your significant other, family member, friend or colleague!

Silk Ties | Ties | Neckties | Extra Long Ties

The Dark Knot’s Ties can be worn to a wide range of settings!

6. Pocket Squares

How are your Pocket Squares made?

The Dark Knot’s Silk & Linen Pocket Squares are all handmade, with contrasting hand rolled edges for further sophistication! We believe that our contrasting hand rolled edges provide our pocket squares with additional pop and flair, really helping to set them apart from what is typically offered in the market place.

Gold, Blue & Orange Paisley Silk Pocket Square

The Dark Knot’s Pocket Squares are hand made with contrasting hand rolled edges! Featuring The Dark Knot’s Westwood Paisley Silk Pocket Square.

What is the sizing of your pocket squares?

The Dark Knot’s Pocket Squares are larger than most pocket squares in the market, allowing your pocket squares to remain firmly in place for the duration of the day or evening that you are wearing it! Our Silk Pocket Squares are 17 inches x 17 inches, while our Linen Pocket Squares are 15 x 15 inches.

 Pocket Squares | Silk Pocket Squares | Linen Pocket Squares

Our larger sized pocket squares ensure that they remain firmly in place!

The reason our pocket squares are larger than what is typically offered in the marketplace is because most pocket squares, that happen to be smaller, don’t stay protruding out of your jacket pocket for very long – they are simply too small, with many silk pocket squares falling in the 12 x 12 or 13 x 13 inches range. The Dark Knot’s Pocket Squares, due to their size, att 17 x 17 inches, will tend to stay in your pocket and protrude out, even after staying active and / or dancing the evening away!

By contrast, linen pocket squares do not have to be as large, given that they are typically worn with pointed folds such as a two, three or four point fold, taking advantage of the fabric’s sturdiness and rigidity. As such, these folds don’t result in the fabric being bunched up like with a silk pocket square, resulting in less ‘shrinkage’ when the pocket square is worn. The Dark Knot’s Linen Pocket Squares are therefore constructed with dimensions slightly smaller than their silk pocket square counterparts, at 15 x 15 inches.

How Should I Style My Pocket Squares With A Suit

Pocket Squares are ideal for styling a suit and tie combination, or for dressing up a sports jacket or blazer with a pair of trousers or chinos! When combining pocket squares with a tie – first and foremost, we are staunchly against replicating the ties in a pocket square format. We don’t even suggest matching the color of your pocket square to that of your tie – rather, we suggest complementing the color of your tie with the color of your pocket square. Therefore, a navy tie could work with a light blue pocket square, a green pocket square or a pink pocket square, for example.

The next consideration, similar to matching ties to your shirts, is to consider the pattern of the pocket square. Generally speaking, you want your pocket square pattern to be larger in scale than your tie pattern, as many tie patterns are smaller in scale. Hence, a paisley or floral designed pocket square will perfectly complement a geometric foulard silk tie. However, a paisley tie, which is larger in pattern proportion, may work with a smaller polka dot pocket square or a solid pocket square.

Light Blue Geometric Foulard Silk Pocket Square

A larger patterned pocket square complementing a smaller patterned tie. Featuring The Dark Knot’s Shelton Abstract Purple Silk Tie & Waterford Abstract Silk Pocket Square

How Do I Style My Pocket Squares with a sports jacket?

When pairing your pocket squares with a sports jacket, similar to above, it is best to complement the color your shirt with that of your pocket square. Hence, for example a blue shirt can work with a darker / light blue, pink, green or purple pocket square!

Again, pattern proportion is of critical importance here. When pairing your pocket squares with a blazer and shirt combination, generally speaking,opting for a larger patterned pocket square against a smaller patterned shirt will work great!

Blue Flamingo Silk Pocket Square

Featuring The Dark Knot’s Everglades Flamingos Blue / Pink Pocket Square!

What Pocket Square Fold Should I Wear?

The type of pocket square fold you wear will largely depend on whether you are wearing a silk or linen pocket square.

A silk pocket square, such as the one pictured above, is great for a puff fold or a reverse puff fold, with the edges of the pocket square showing.

Linen & Cotton Pocket Squares, given the rigidity of the fabrics, are better used for pointed folds, although they can work well with puff folds as well!

 Blue & White Floral Linen Pocket Square

The Dark Knot’s Lake George Linen Blue & White Pocket Square worn with a presidential fold!

Please feel free to view our article: How To Fold A Pocket Square | 14 Ways To Fold A Pocket Square

7. Bracelets

What kind of bracelets do you offer?

At The Dark Knot, we offer three primary types of bracelets; Leather Bracelets, Beaded Bracelets & Anchor Bracelets.

  • Our Leather Bracelets are offered with magnetic clasp interlocking, ensuring that your bracelets always remain intact around your wrist.
  • Our beaded bracelets are 8mm in diameter – resulting in the perfect balance between casual and formal wear, allowing you to strut your beaded bracelets on an evening out with friends or while strutting a suit to that all important cocktail party.
  • All of our bracelets, like any of our other ties & men’s accessories products, are presented in an elegant black gift box, along with a card with recommendations for matching attire!

Bracelets | Leather Bracelets  | Beaded Bracelet


How large are your bracelets?

Our leather bracelets are offered in one size, at a length of 22 cm / 8.3 inches.

Our beaded bracelets are stretchable, making wrist size less relevant. However, they are typically 18 /  19 cm.  They are, however, stretchable given that they are constructed using elastic rope.

How Large Are The Beads On Your Beaded Bracelets?

Our beaded bracelets have a diameter of 8mm, making them your ideal hybrid / go to choice for both casual & formal wear. Smaller beaded bracelets, in the 6mm range, are typically worn in more formal settings, while larger beaded bracelets, in the 10-12mm range, are usually worn in more casual settings.

 Beaded Bracelets | Stackable Beaded Bracelets

The Dark Knot’s Beaded Bracelet Collection

Additionally, our beaded bracelets come in a variety of materials, such as lavastone and tiger eye, allowing you to create a range that will be appropriate anytime you step out of the house.

8. Tie Bars

What kind of Tie Bars does The Dark Knot Offer?

We carry a range of solid colored and novelty tie bars (solid, mustache themed etc), so that you can add an element of pop to your ensembles!

Our Tie Bars come with pinch clasp finishing, ensuring that your tie bars remain firmly in place.

Silver Octopus Tie Bar

Tie Bars like The Dark Knot’s Oahu Octopus Silver Tie Bar will go a long way towards making you look suave & dapper!

What is the sizing of your Tie Bars?

Our Tie Bars are presented in a range of lengths. – as tie bars are typically expected to cover 2/3 of the width of your tie. As a result, we have shorter length tie bars in 4 cm (1.5 inches) and 6 cm (2.4 inches) lengths, to complement both skinny and regular ties respectively.

Tie Bars | Tie Clips

How Should I Wear / Style My Tie Bar?

Firstly, while tie bars are a small detail, they can play a disproportionate role as to your overall style, and so, congratulations on choosing to embrace one!

It is widely accepted that tie bars shouldn’t cover more than 2/3 of the width of your tie at the point that you are wearing it. We therefore suggest considering the width of your tie first!

Regarding the placement of your tie bars, it should be placed between the second and third buttons of your shirt, unless you are particularly long in the torso in which case it should be placed between the third and fourth buttons!

Tie Bar Placement

Courtesy of www.gentlemanual.com

9. Slim Wallets

What Makes Your Pro Performance Slim Wallets stand out?

The Dark Knot’s metal pro performance wallets, have the following characteristics:

  • Stunning sleek, aesthetic Wallet that provides both stylistic and functional benefits
  • Easy access to credit cards & cash
  • Constructed from aviation grade aluminum, ensuring durability
  • Strong elastic band technology, allows the holding of up to 15-20 cards!
  • RFID blocking capability, never have to worry about identity theft again!
  • Presented in an elegant black gift box

Slim Minimalist Wallets

10. Money Clip

What makes your money clips different?

The issue with most money clips in the market is that there is a cap on the number of cards and cash your money clip can hold, given physical constraints.

With The Dark Knot’s Money Clip, we have introduced spring technology into our clips, allowing you to insert both cards and cash effortlessly.

11. Colorful Socks

How are your socks made and what is their composition?

Men's Colorful Socks

At The Dark Knot, we offer a range of colorful socks that are bound to elevate your style game! Why not break up the monotony of your soulless, drab socks and inject your attire with some much needed flair! The Dark Knot’s Colorful Socks have the following key characteristics:

  • Fashionable, colorful midcalf socks featuring hand linked toe stitching, a firmer heel and stretchable welt
  • Our socks consist of natural and synthetic fibers, allowing for both comfort and stretchability. The fabric composition of our socks is: 80% wool, 17% polyester and 3% spandex
  • Our colorful socks are presented in a black gift box along with recommendations for matching attire!

12. Collar Stays

What is a collar stay?

Collar Stays, commonly referred to as ‘collar tabs’ or ‘collar stiffeners’ are flat, rigid pieces of plastic or metal, which are placed into designated pockets on the underside of your shirt collar, helping provide the collar with weight and crispiness, so as to keep the shirt collar in place. Collar Stays provide your shirt collars with just the right amount of weight, so that it lays flat against your collar bone.

What Material are your Collar Stays made from?

 Brass Collar Stays

Collar stays in the market are usually offered in plastic or metal, with metal collar stays naturally comprising of a higher quality product. The Dark Knot’s Collar Stay offering consists of brass collar stays, which are a higher grade metal!

What is the sizing of your collar stays?

Our research shows that collar stays are generally in the 2.5 inch to 2.75 inch range, depending on the length of your collars. As a result, The Dark Knot’s Collar Stay Offering comes in either 3 pairs of 2.5 inches & 3 pairs of 2.75 inches, or 6 pairs of each length.

13. Lapel Flowers

How Are Your Lapel Flowers Made?

The Dark Knot’s Lapel Flowers are fabric based, constructed with synthetic blends. Each of our lapel flowers are presented in an elegant black gift box along with a card with recommendations for matching attire.

Lapel Flower

What Size Lapel Flower Should I Opt For

Typically, you want to decide on a lapel flower that is proportionate to the size of your jacket lapels. Given that slimmer men generally wear suit jackets or blazers with narrower lapels, and men of broader stature generally wear suit jackets with wider lapels, your lapel flowers should be chosen accordingly!

 Lapel Flowers


How Do I Wear / Style My Lapel Flowers?

Sometimes, wearing your suit & tie combinations can seem monotonous. Lapel flowers are a great way to add a decorative, fashion infused element to your ensembles!

If you are looking to play things safe, white is the easiest option to go with as it will pair with any of your combinations.

For those of you looking to stand out and really make an impression, have the color of your lapel flower complement other colors in your shirt, suit & tie, but don’t let it match your tie exactly.

Another option for strutting a boutonniere or lapel flower without too much thought is to pair your lapel flower with a neutral outfit, and ensure that the lapel flower matches the dress code of the event you are attending!

14. Cufflinks

How are your cufflinks made?

The Dark Knot’s cufflinks are constructed with rhodium plating finishing, allowing for greater durability!

Each of our cufflinks are presented in an elegant black gift box, along with a card with recommendations for matching attire, so that you are always dressed on point.

How are the fasteners of your cufflinks designed?

Our cufflinks are typically made with whaleback or bulletback finishing, along with a few cufflinks being offered in alternative formats.

The Dark Knot’s Marbletown Cufflinks are offered with whaleback finishing!

15. Scarves

How are your scarves made?

Our scarf collection consists almost entirely of wool based scarves!

What are the dimensions of your scarves?

The Dark Knot’s men’s scarves are produced with adequate length (62 inches / 160 cm) to ensure that you can tie a wide array of scarf knots.


Thank you for having read through this long post! Hope that you have found this page helpful!