Knit Ties

Knit Ties are the perfect complement to your attire. Whether you are looking to dress up your chinos and a blazer, or dress down a suit, you are bound to make an impression!

Navy Knitted Silk Tie
Grey Wool Knitted Tie
Black Silk Knit Tie
Navy Polka Dot Silk Knit Tie
Burgundy Knitted Striped Tie
Navy & White Striped Skinny Knit Tie
Blue Knitted Tie with Stripes
Navy & Yellow Stripes Knitted Silk Tie
Grey & Purple Stripes Knitted Silk Tie
Blue & Yellow Stripes Knitted Silk Tie
Coral Wool Silk Blend Knit Tie
Blue Anchor Silk Knit Tie
Navy & Green Stripes Knitted Silk Tie
Navy & Red Stripes Knitted Silk Tie
Grey & Burgundy Stripes Knitted Silk Tie
Brown Skinny Silk Knit Tie
Navy & Yellow Striped Knitted Silk Tie
Red & Black Stripes Silk Knit Tie
Blue, White & Light Blue Striped Linen Knit Tie
Green Silk Knit Tie
Purple, Black & White Striped Silk Knit Tie
Navy, White & Red Striped Silk Knit Tie
Grey, Black & White Striped Knit Tie

Knit Ties

Knit Ties, as the name implies, are ties that have been knitted as opposed to woven. These ties are distinguished by an open weave, a narrower blade (typically 2.0 to 2.5 inches) and squared ends, versus triangular ends that you see with a conventional silk tie. These characteristics make knit ties perfect for casual wear. 

Knit ties come in a variety of patterns, including solids, stripes, polka dots, & anchored patterns, amongst others. While knit ties can occasionally be offered with diagonal stripes (similar to a conventional silk tie), most striped knit ties are offered in a horizontal striped pattern, in line with the rectangular shape of the knit tie. These horizontal stripes help provide a unique, distinctive look that will ensure people do a double take and then some!

Knit ties can be constructed with either a crunchier or smooth finish. Crunchier knit ties add an element of textural depth to your attire, adding more visual interest, whereas smoother knit ties offer a softer, more casual feel. 

Knit ties are typically offered in a range of fabrics, including silk, linen, wool and cashmere. Similar to its woven or printed silk counterparts, silk knit ties can be worn year round. Woolen & Linen Knit Ties are best suited for winter & summer months respectively, given the unique nature of these fabrics. Woolen Knit Ties will add textural depth and weight to your winter ensembles, whereas linen knit ties will provide your summer attire with a more relaxed, airy feel. 

Given that knitted ties are at the less formal end of the necktie spectrum, they can be used to dress down a more formal suit or dress up a business casual look (think dark denim or chinos with a sports jacket!). While Knit Ties aren’t necessarily appropriate for more formal business settings, they are perfect for a casual evening out, date night or for your weekend casual attire! 

Not sure of exactly what you’re looking for?  Simply use the sorting options above to filter by occasion, color, and/or matching attire to find the perfect knit tie!

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