Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares are ideal for adding depth and texture to your suits, blazers or sports jackets. Whether you are wearing your pocket square with a puff, pointed or more creative fold, The Dark Knot's exquisite range of Silk & Linen Pocket Squares are bound to help you make an impression! 

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About The Dark Knot's Pocket Squares

The Dark Knot’s Pocket Squares are the perfect way to add panache and flair to your ensembles. Our Silk & Linen Pocket Square offerings ensure that we have the perfect accessory for you, irrespective of the occasion, attire, type of fold and look you are going for.

Pocket Square Construction & Sizing

Each of The Dark Knot’s Pocket Squares are fully hand made, along with hand rolled contrasting edges, providing a strong sense of distinctiveness.

Our Silk Pocket Squares are 17 inches x 17 inches, which are larger than your traditional silk pocket squares, allowing for peace of mind when wearing a puff or edged puff fold. With smaller pocket squares, the manner in which silk pocket squares are folded (typically with a puff pocket square fold, which significantly reduces the size of the pocket square) make them susceptible to sliding down into your pocket. However, with the Dark Knot’s pocket squares, our larger sizing ensures that your pocket squares will remain firmly in place.

The Dark Knot’s Linen Pocket Squares are 15 inches x 15 inches, given that linen pocket squares are typically worn with a fold that shows off the pocket square’s edges (due to the rigidity of linen versus silk). Because these folds use up less material, our linen pocket squares can be slightly smaller without the pocket squares sinking into your pocket. As is the case with our silk pocket squares, our linen pocket squares are larger than what is generally available in the market.

Occasions – When To Wear A Pocket Square

Pocket Squares are the perfect addition to your attire, whether you are dressing for a presentation, your next wedding reception, an evening out or date night! Wearing a pocket square is an incredibly easy way to add flair to your attire, without much work. Pocket squares exude relaxed sophistication, and best of all, do not need to be worn with a tie (though a pocket square that adequately complements your ties can provide for an incredible aesthetic!).

Looking to dress smart casual? Opt for a sports jacket / blazer with a pair of chinos or dark denim, and strut a pocket square. An addition of a pocket square immediately adds a layer of color, pattern, flair and sophistication to your attire.

Pocket Square Folds

While there are a plethora of pocket square folds out there, these essential pocket square folds should have you in good standing!:

Presidential Fold (ideal for linen pocket squares): The Presidential Square Fold consists of a clean, rectangular look that will exude effortless debonair. It its final form, a square fold looks like a horizontal band of fabric. Use this pocket square fold when looking for maximum level of formality, whilst simultaneously looking understated.

Puff Fold (ideal for silk pocket squares): Looking for a smooth, effortless fold, without having to learn something intricate? The puff fold is the perfect pocket square fold for strutting the color and pattern of that silk or linen pocket square that you’ve been eager to show off!

Edge Puff Fold (ideal for silk pocket squares): A variation of the puff fold, this stunning fold is our go to fold at The Dark Knot! Showcasing both the puff, along with the pocket square edges, this particular fold allows you to showcase your pocket square in great detail, along with the edges. Pocket Squares with contrasting hand rolled edges work best here, as they provide the perfect level of color contrast to the main scheme of the pocket square pattern.

Matching Pocket Squares

Unsure as to how to match pocket squares to your attire? With The Dark Knot’s filtered search option, you can find pocket squares based on matching tie colors, matching tie patterns, or if you are going sans tie, matching shirt combinations if you are wearing your pocket square with a blazer.

Additionally, please note that each of our pocket squares come presented in an elegant black gift box, along with a card with recommendations for matching attire.

If you are wearing your pocket square sans tie, having the dominant color of your shirt be a secondary color in your pocket square is a great way to ensure that your pocket square complements the rest of your clothing. For example, a sports jacket with a blue shirt could be complemented with a pink or burgundy pocket square with a hint of blue in it. Alternatively, a pocket square that complements the blue shirt (e.g a pink or burgundy pocket square – even without a hint of blue) could work extremely well.

When looking to match pocket squares to a suit or sports jacket with a tie, it is important to note that the myth of exactly matching your tie to your pocket square should be avoided. This actually ends up looking tacky and shows people that you have bought a matching set, without much thought to how your accessories complement each other.

Instead, opt for a pocket square that complements the color and pattern of your tie, instead of exactly matching it. For example, a navy polka dot or striped silk tie would work perfectly with a light blue paisley silk pocket square (monochromatic color scheme with a completely different pattern scale) or a pink or burgundy paisley silk pocket square.

When matching patterns, your pattern proportion (scale) is more important than the patterns differing. Hence a large paisley patterned pocket square can work well with a smaller paisley patterned tie. Conversely, a geometric repeating pocket square pattern (foulard) would not work well with a polka dot silk tie if the pattern proportions are similar. The trick with matching pocket square patterns (as is the case with all pattern matching) is to create a level of contrast, so that you don’t create a jarring look that detracts attention away from you and towards your perceived choice of poor matching!

Pocket Square Fabrics

Introducing a linen pocket square into an ensemble with a silk tie can help add textural depth and variation to your attire. In addition to color and pattern variation, your choice of pocket square fabric can significantly enhance your overall look!