Striped Ties

Navy & Blue Regimental Striped Silk Tie
Navy w/ Red Striped Silk Tie
Blue & Light Blue Striped Tie with houndstooth background
Pink and Navy Striped Silk Tie

Striped Ties  

Striped ties come in many designs and can be worn for a variety of occasions. The Dark Knot offers striped ties in four different designs: British Regimental, American Regimental, University Striped, and Repp Striped.

While all of these stripe designs have their own historical significance, they can each be appropriate in almost every situation. Striped ties are a wardrobe staple and can be paired with a multitude of shirt patterns, just be mindful of spacing.

Not sure of exactly what you’re looking for?  Simply use the sorting options above to filter by occasion, color, and/or matching attire to find the perfect striped tie.

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