Ties & Accessories Starter Kits

The Dark Knot's Starter Kits are here to transform your look into one of an elegant, contemporary trendsetting gentleman.  With a range of styles and colors across our exquisite hand made silk ties, pocket squares and lapel flowers, we ensure that we have something for you. Furthermore, with our Free Style Consultation, we take the hassle out of your shopping experience.

Easy 3 Step Process:

 1. Purchase any one of The Dark Knot's Starter Kits (without having to place an order for any of the actual items! How Easy Is That?!?).

 2. We follow up with an email where you tell us the items of your liking or we help you choose them via a Free Style Consultation (typically valued at $500), where we help you choose items based on your existing wardrobe and lifestyle needs. Items can be chosen from our ENTIRE range of collections (excluding our Made In Italy & Grenadine Ties).

3. We ship out your items (we provide shipping globally) and follow up with tracking details!