Grenadine Ties, the epitome of sophisticated luxury. All of The Dark Knot's Grenadine Ties are hand made in Como, Italy.

Grenadine Ties

Grenadine Ties have often been associated with distinguished, iconic men across cinematic history, most notably Sean Connery’s James Bond.

A Grenadine Tie is a textured, woven silk tie that looks extremely elegant. While a grenadine tie can somewhat resemble a knitted tie, please note that knitted ties are best reserved for more casual settings. A grenadine tie is one that has been made from Italian silk, having been woven versus being knitted. A grenadine tie is characterized by an open weave, featuring two warp yarns twisted around the weft yarn, creating a strong, sheer fabric. 

Grenadine ties are the perfect choice for more formal occasions, given the rich, textured look of the tie, its open weave and its associated sophistication. However, grenadine ties can also be worn in less formal capacities, such as a daily work setting or out on that special dinner date. 

Go with a blazer on an evening out, instead of a traditional suit, and pair it with your grenadine tie for that elusive relaxed dapper look. Your grenadine tie will even provide you with an extra edge for your next job interview, allowing you to dress heads and shoulders above your peers!