Our goal at The Dark Knot is to bring you the best tie experience possible.  Yes, we make great quality ties.  Yes, they are affordably priced.  Yes, we have approximately 250 designs that will cover your necktie needs for the entire year, whether it be professional, personal or social settings.  Yes, our ties come in gorgeous, gift  like packaging.  But our goal is above and beyond all of that.  It is  to give you the best tie experience possible.  Period.  We are more than just a necktie brand.  We are providing an experience.  To help you dress better.  To ensure that you enjoy wearing ties. 

If you would like to know more about what prompted me to start our company, please read our story.

To get more insight into our product and brand offering, please view an engaging and sleek look into our brand below!:

Before delving into the experience, which is highlighted by our product offering below, I wanted to outline what makes our ties themselves special (as I am sure that’s what you are here for, after all!).  Here are important elements of our ties, in as conversational a manner as I can explain them, with technical details besides each point:

  • Our ties feel damn good. Seriously: They are constructed using silk of the highest quality, and are interlined with a double layer of wool and cotton, resulting in a rich, thick feel
  • Our ties make for the perfect gift: Forget worrying about what you should buy your husband, father or boyfriend in the future.  Our ties make for the perfect gift, with their presentation in an elegant gift box (please see below) that also works perfectly as a travelling kit for your ties so that they preserve their shape down the road!  
  • Our ties are very affordable: Given the quality of silks, interlining and workmanship that we are offering with our product, our elegant gift like packaging and the recommendations that we provide with matching suits and shirts for every tie, along with Free Shipping Globally, we truly are bringing you a very affordable product. Our Standard / Luxury / Premium lines are priced at $55/$69/$85 respectively.
  • Our ties help you dress better, so you never feel out of place, EVER AGAIN: Each of our ties comes with a card with recommendations for matching suits and shirts, ensuring you look your dapper best every time you step out.
  • Our ties tie the perfect knot. As a result of the high quality silk that we have used along with strong, rich double layer wool and cotton interlining and the hand sewn slip stitch (please read below), our ties at The Dark Knot tie the perfect, dimple infused knot every single time
  • Our ties are very durable: Because of the above factors, they are durable. Additionally, each of our ties is sewn together by hand using a slip stitch, that afford the necktie flexibility and allows it to return to its original shape after wearing it.  A hand sewn slip stitch is a bit looser than a machine stitch, and allows the tie to move along this hidden stitch thread.  This ensures that the tie won’t rip when worn wrapped tightly around your neck.
  • Our ties serve a wide range of needs. Our ties can be worn to work, at presentations, to a wedding, a date or even the Kentucky Derby. We have carefully curated a design portfolio that truly makes us a one-stop shop for wearing neckties.  We even offer all of our ties in two lengths, regular and extra long for men 6’1 and over.



    While all of the above elements make for a great tie, it is the combination of these factors that makes for the perfect experience.  The unboxing of our ties.  The way they feel in your hands.  The way they knot.  The way they drape.  And the way they advise you as to which suits and shirts to wear them with.  And finally, the way they clip to your shirt, so as to never go astray again.  It really is a detailed, thoughtful experience, with you front and center.  Here are key elements of the complete product offering:

    • All of our neckties come packaged in an elegant, protective box that makes for the perfect gift and travelling tie box.
    • Our Standard / Luxury / Premium line are priced at USD $55 / $69 /$85 respectively.
    • Each of our ties comes with a card with recommendations for matching suits and shirts.
    • Each of our ties come with two tie clips (one disposable), that slide through the reverse side of your tie and clip to two shirt buttons, thereby helping to keep your ties firmly in place. Those steak dinners where you have to throw your tie over your shoulder or tuck it in between your shirt.  Yeah, you don’t every have to worry about those again. 
    • All of our ties come with a pledge, that should you have any questions about what to wear any of our ties, or your existing ties with, that you can always feel free to reach out to us. We know you’ve held onto your inner Craig Sager for a long time. Now it’s time to detach and let go.  He may not have style advice, but you, my friend, now do.

    Silk Ties from The Dark Knot

    Fabric Quality

    The Silk Route, whose name is derived from the lucrative Chinese Silk Trade, was a major reason for the connection of trade routes into an extensive transcontinental network, connecting the West and East by linking traders, merchants, pilgrims, monks, soldiers, nomads and Urban Dwellers, from China and India, into the Mediterranean Sea.

    Silk Fabrics were first developed in China, with some of the earliest examples found as early as 3500 BC.  Silks were originally reserved for Chinese royalty – Emperors and Empresses, but gradually spread through Chinese Culture and Trade, both geographically and socially.  Today, that tradition is continued in China, as the world’s largest silk producer, with the vast majority of silk emanating from the mulberry silkworm.

    Recognizing the quality of silk hailing from the Greater China region, we have gone through great detail to find a factory capable of weaving the highest quality silk.  We ensure that all woven silk that is used for our ties is constructed of the highest yarn count, thus yielding fine silk fabrics that are soft to touch and drape well around one’s neck.

    Quality Control

    Our desire to create a product that would not only be suitable to people’s tastes, but stand the test of time, required 12 months of prototyping and working through three different factories until we landed on who we believe is our ideal partner on the fourth. 

    Given that we are based in Hong Kong and that our production partners are in China, we now make frequent visits for design incorporation, assessment of new technological methods for pattern cutting and weaving that are in conjunction with the hand stitching of the actual neckties, fabric weaving inspections and product quality inspections.

    Below are images of our stringent quality control process!

    Thank you for having read this far.  If you would like to browse through more of our online shop, please view our range of exquisite silk ties.


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