Lapel Flowers

The Dark Knot carries intricate hand cut lapel flowers that will add the perfect finishing touch of color and sophistication to your ensemble.
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Lapel Flower

Looking for an accessory to give you that extra edge? Tired of the same old suit, shirt and tie (and occasional pocket square) combination. Cue the Lapel Flower.

A lapel flower, often mistakenly known as a boutonniere (please see below for the actual difference), is a great way to add spice to your ensembles. Lapel flowers are generally used in more formal settings, such as for a wedding or graduation party, in conjunction with your suit and tie. However, more gentlemen are deciding to wear a lapel flower sans tie, with a sports jacket or blazer. 

Choosing a lapel flower of the right proportion is absolutely critical for a well put together look. Just as you exercise a certain level of discernment when choosing a tie based on your jacket lapel width, so should you with your choice of lapel flower. Obtaining your lapel width’s measurements at its widest point and comparing it to the diameter of your chosen lapel flower is the best way to go. Using a simple eye test with the naked eye could prove to be costly if your lapel flower ends up being disproportionately big or small!

When coordinating lapel flower color to the rest of your attire, it is essential that your lapel flower color either complements colors in the rest of your ensemble, or has an accent/ hint of your shirt or tie color within the lapel flower. 


While a fabric or artificial lapel flower can be worn across a range of occasions, certain settings call for a real flower, also known as a boutonnieres. A Boutonniere carries a certain level of panache that cannot be equaled by a fabric lapel flower. Given that certain flowers carry connotations of certain moods, it is essential to match your boutonniere to the type of event you are attending, so as to carry the right message.

Flowers like a rose are ideal for more romantic settings. Varieties, such as poppy, however, carry sadder connotations and so are more suitable for days of remembrance. Carnations and lilies, on the other hand, are flowers that are considered joyful, and hence are best reserved for occasions such as formal dances or weddings.