Work Ties

The Dark Knot's Work Ties will ensure that you look the part, day in and day out. Filter ties based on matching suits and shirts, so that you are always coordinated and on point!
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Looking to make the best impression possible at daily work? Few things make you stand out like a high quality, well coordinated tie. Choosing a tie should depend on various factors, such as the office setting, tie pattern and tie color. 

Work Ties By Occasion

Daily work – For daily work settings, opt for a solid , striped or subtle patterned geometric foulard (smaller repeating patterns) silk tie. These ties typically work well with a solid white, light blue or light pink shirt, depending on the tie color. Patterned shirts can be worn if the tie pattern is proportionally larger (spacing within the tie design), allowing for sufficient contrast between the shirt & tie. 

Presentation - When delivering that all important presentation, a more impactful tie will certainly do the trick! Try opting for a bolder tie in navy or burgundy. While a geometric foulard tie can make an impression, a two tonal polka dot or paisley tie can really have you stand out, without being overbearing for the occasion! 

Sales Meeting – While a navy or burgundy solid, striped or foulard tie will allow you to make a professional impression, a polka dot or paisley tie will allow you to truly make a discernable statement. Moreover, ties in purple or red will create an impact statement. 

Conferences / Networking Events – If attending a conference or networking event, we suggest unique ties such as printed silk or polyester ties with a repeating sports or recreational motif (e.g sailing, ocean life, tennis, golf etc…) that will both create visual interest and make for an effortless conversation starter! 

Work Ties By Color 

Navy & Burgundy Ties allow you to demonstrate authority and trust, while blue or purple ties allow you to come across as more cooperative and affable. 

Navy & Burgundy Ties can be worn to daily work or an important presentation. Conversely, we would suggest blue and purple ties for daily work, but not necessarily an important meeting / presentation. 

Olive Green Ties are a great alternative to navy & burgundy ties, but with a more subdued effect. Olive Green Ties, given their hue, work especially well during the fall & winter months. Red Ties will allow to enter the room with swag and aplomb, and offer an instant impression.

Grey ties, by contrast, provide the perfect neutral statement!

Work Ties By Pattern

Solid, Striped & Foulard Ties make for an ideal accessory with daily work. Solid ties make for effortless matching with solid, striped or patterned shirts. With striped and foulard ties, we suggest paying attention to pattern proportion, as spacing within the tie design is of critical importance. Hence, pairing ties of wider spacing against smaller patterned shirts works effectively, providing sufficient contrast between shirt and tie pattern. 

Paisley & Polka Dot Ties are ideal for creating visual pop when dressing dapper for work. A two tonal paisley or polka dot tie (loud, but classy!) can work perfectly in a more high leverage business meeting / presentation situation.