Wedding Ties

Wedding Ties for your (or close friends') big day! Whether you are dressing up for a winter wedding or something tropical by the beach, our wide range of wedding ties will ensure that you look the part for your special day! Make your life easier by choosing ties based on matching bridesmaid gown colors (filter option below).
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Grooms Tie Considerations

Looking to pick the right wedding tie? Choosing that all important tie doesn’t have to be as confounding as it first appears. There are several considerations to make when choosing the right wedding tie for her big day!

Wedding Color

Choosing a tie that is appropriate for the theme and color code of the wedding is a natural imperative. In accordance with this, selecting a tie that complements the bridesmaids’ gown colors will go a long way towards ensuring that both yourself and the groomsmen are color coordinated with the wedding party. 

Having trouble finding the right tie to match or complement bridesmaids’ gown colors? Our filtered search option helps you choose ties based on that exact criteria, helping take the guesswork out for you!

Suit & Shirt Combination

Choosing a tie that complements your suit and shirts will be of vital importance. This is why solid ties are often looked to, as they can pair with a range of shirt and suit patterns. Paisley and floral ties also tend to do extremely well during wedding season, as the larger pattern spacing allows them to be worn with both striped and checkered shirts. Moreover, paisley and floral ties carry a festive connotation, which is perfect for wedding day!

Looking for something more formal and elegant. Our geometric / foulard (repeating patterns) silk ties can work extremely well with your shirt and suit combinations. A repeating pattern can add visual depth and intrigue to your attire for the big day! 

Day or Evening Wedding

As a general rule of thumb lighter colored ties will work well during the day, while darker colored ties work best in the evenings. A day time wedding could therefore be paired with a light blue, light pink or coral silk tie, while an evening wedding could be paired with a darker colored hue such as a navy, burgundy, olive green or rust orange tie!

Seasonal Considerations – Spring / Summer or Fall / Winter Wedding

Going for that relaxed, beach vibe wedding in the spring / summer? How about a lighter colored tie. Moreover, a tie that is lighter in nature such as a printed silk tie (generally lighter than woven silk ties as the designs are printed on silk, as opposed to being woven, which generally results in a higher density tie), linen or cotton tie could work particularly well. Playful motifs such as a paisley silk tie, floral silk tie or an animal motif print tie can also well incredibly well. Colors that would work particularly well during the summer months include blue ties, coral ties, pink ties, green ties (lighter shade) and yellow ties. 

Tying the knot (no pun intended) during the fall / winter season? Darker colored ties, such as navy and burgundy will have you standing out. Colors that resemble fall foliage or earth tones, such as olive green, rust orange, brown or mustard yellow pair exquisite with the fall & winter seasons. 

Wedding Dress Code – Formal / Semi Formal / Dressy Casual

The type of tie you choose should definitely align with your wedding’s dress code. A formal wedding would necessitate the wearing of a black bow tie.

A semi-formal wedding dress code would call for a suit and a tie with a more serious touch such as a burgundy or navy tie, while a dressy casual code would allow for more flexibility, allowing you to wear something more playful such as a lighter colored paisley tie or an animal print silk tie!

Wedding Day Tie Knot

The type of tie knot that you wear will largely depend on the spread of your shirt collar. While a narrower spread collar necessitates a four in hand knot, a medium or wide spread collar will work best with a half or full windsor knot. With that being said, given the more formal nature of a half or full windsor knot, we would suggest wearing either of those for your wedding day!


Complete your dapper look for the big day by complementing your attire with pocket squares, lapel flowers and / or tie bars! It is important to remember that pocket squares and lapel flowers shouldn’t exactly match the color of your tie, but rather complement it, to provide for a more refined look. 

Groomsmen Ties

While the groomsmen can have the same tie as the groom, having the groomsmen wear a tie in a slightly different accent than that of the groom can help the man of the day stand out! Alternatively, some even choose to go with a bowtie for the groom, with groomsmen wearing conventional ties!