Weekend Casual Ties

Elevate your weekend style game with our casual dapper ties! Filter ties based on matching suit and shirt recommendations to ensure that you are dressed on point.

Green and Yellow Chicken and Magnet Printed Silk Tie
Green Silk Knit Tie
Navy & White Striped Skinny Knit Tie
Grey & Burgundy Stripes Knitted Silk Tie
Pink Plaid Silk Tie
Navy & Blue Regimental Striped Silk Tie
Navy & Yellow Striped Knitted Silk Tie
Black Solid Silk Tie
Bluish Grey Foulard Silk Tie
Plaid Lilac Silk Tie
Pink w/ Bluish Grey Plaid Silk Tie
Purple and Green Printed Silk Tie
Navy & Yellow Stripes Knitted Silk Tie
Blue Anchor Silk Knit Tie
Blue Knitted Tie with Stripes
Blue & Yellow Stripes Knitted Silk Tie
Red & Black Stripes Silk Knit Tie
Purple, Black & White Striped Silk Knit Tie
Coral Printed Silk Tie
Pink Ducks w/ Egg Printed Silk Tie
Orange & White Fish Printed Silk Tie
Navy, White & Red Striped Silk Knit Tie
Grey & Purple Stripes Knitted Silk Tie
Navy & Green Stripes Knitted Silk Tie
Navy & Red Stripes Knitted Silk Tie
Solid Pink Silk Tie
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Weekend Casual Ties