Do you ever find yourself with the following questions / concerns?

  • I want to buy a high quality tie, but have no idea where to begin. Why are all neckties in the market so ridiculously overpriced?
  • I have an important meeting today, have a suit and shirt picked out, but have absolutely no idea as to what tie to wear it with?
  • I am looking to dress dapper with a suit to a wedding or cocktail reception, but have no idea what accessories, colors and patterns to accessorize my suit with.
  • Looking to buy a tie for my husband or boyfriend, but have no idea where I can get a high quality tie at an affordable price, and furthermore, wouldn’t know how to package it. And yes, would it go with what he has in his wardrobe?
  • I’m about to go on a date, and want to look fresh and dapper. What tie do I choose again?
  • I’m going for an interview, and do not have any quality ties that will help me stand out. In fact, even if I did, I wouldn’t even know what suit and shirt to pair them with?
  • Why on earth do my ties keep falling apart? Usually, it’s the label loop, or the keeper (where the skinny end of the tie slides through) that seems to tear off?
  • I’m a tall guy that likes to wear a half or full Windsor knot, and none of my ties seem to work in getting me the right length that I need.

As a 20 something year old living in New York City for 5 years and on the East Coast for 10 years, I would often struggle to dress well.  Wearing a suit in the corporate world everyday was great, but I had no idea what ties to wear them with.  Mixing and matching at the time was a foreign concept to me, and I had no idea where to begin.  To top it off, quality neckties in the market were just really expensive.  So there I was, 6’3 and lanky (at the time, at least!), wearing tailored suits without the right tie.  What a bummer. Wearing a great suit with the wrong tie is like driving a Ferrari on automatic.  It’s almost a waste.  Or the equivalent of wasted talent.  Like Johnny Manziel.  It’s there, it’s good, but it’s not quite right. 

And it wasn’t just work.  Whether I was out to a friend’s wedding, wanted a casual tie for a date in a hipster neighborhood, or was interviewing for another job, the lack of an appropriate tie always seemed to be a problem that would come up. 

The irony in all of this was that I loved wearing ties.  I thought they made an outfit look complete.  Made for a real man’s total and complete aesthetic.  Yet, I couldn’t find something that fit my price range, with a range of styles and colors that I could choose from, that, most importantly, I would actually know what to wear with.

So I decided to leave the corporate world and start my own tie (and what subsequently became a men's accessories) business.   Our goal is a simple one, and one that would have helped me tremendously in my earlier years in New York: To help gentlemen dress better.  A necktie concept that goes beyond the simple purchase of a tie.  An experience that is enjoyable, and that actually helps gentlemen dress better.  Think of us as a Luxury Tie (and subsequently accessory) Company and Style Advisory rolled into one. All at a reasonable price.  No middle men, no distribution costs, no lease expense.  Just us, an online interface with the highest quality product and service, and you.  

The image below highlights key elements of our product offering:

  • All of our neckties come packaged in an elegant, protective box that makes for the perfect gift and travelling tie box.
  • Our Standard / Luxury / Premium line are priced at USD $55 / $69 /$85 respectively,and are offered with Free Shipping Globally.
  • Each of our ties comes with a card with recommendations for matching suits and shirts.
  • Each of our ties come with two tie clips (one disposable), that slide through the reverse side of your tie and clip to two shirt buttons, thereby helping to keep your ties firmly in place. Those steak dinners where you have to throw your tie over your shoulder or tuck it in between your shirt.  Yeah, you don’t every have to worry about those again. 
  • All of our ties come with a pledge, that should you have any questions about what to wear any of our ties, or your existing ties with, that you can always feel free to reach out to us. We know you’ve held onto your inner Craig Sager for a long time. Now it’s time to detatch and let go.  He may not have style advice, but you, my friend, now do.

So why the name, The Dark Knot, you may ask.  When we were conceptualizing a brand name of the necktie line, we wanted our brand to be a symbolism of masculinity and strength, while still maintaining an aura of chicness.  We feel that the brand name and panther logo embody these concepts and help bring the brand to life.  The panther represents strength and speed, and the black and white theme encompassing the whole name and logo demonstrates a level of chicness that is apparent throughout the product, from final construction of the ties, to the quality and packaging, suit and shirt recommendations and tie clips.

After having taken the following considerations into account, I can truly say that we are bringing you a great product at a phenomenal price.  If you would like to know more about our actual ties, please read here.

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If you would like to browse through our wide range of ties, where you can filter your search by various criteria, including matching shirts and suits, please view our tie collection.

Thank you for having read about our story and for your sincere interest in learning about The Dark Knot.


Warmest Regards,


Rishi Chullani

The Dark Knot