Animal Print Ties

Printed Silk Ties are the perfect way to inject a splash of color and personality into your attire!


Printed Silk Ties

Printed Silk Ties take your traditional neckwear and turn it 180 degrees. Sure, you are still wearing a tie – cosmetically speaking, at least. But you’ve now introduced more fun, life and novelty into your tie, with an element of story telling that’s bound to make conversations more intriguing, riveting and enjoyable. 

Printed Silk Ties have become a popular alternative to woven silk ties for several decades. While woven silk ties are made using weaving looms that intricately weave silk yarns of various colors to form complex patterns, printed silk ties use screens (stencils) or ink jet printers to print designs on what is usually a twill weave.  As a result, printed silk tie patterns are printed onto the fabric as opposed to woven into the fabric. 

These ties therefore feel lighter, making them ideal for Spring & Summer seasons. However, given the unique nature of these patterns, many gentlemen prefer to wear them year round. 

So what types of designs make printed silk ties such great storytelling / conversational pieces? Printed Silk ties often come with detailed, repeating motifs that are leisure or sports related. Examples would include a repeating fish pattern for people that may be interested in marine life, lacrosse sticks, croquet, tennis racquets or golf clubs for those inclined to play either of those sports, or a more relaxing or fun themed motif such as palm trees or a safari. 

The unifying theme amongst many of these printed silk designs is that they contain a repeating pattern related a topic or passion (animals, lifestyle, sports, adventure etc…). These stunning silk ties, when viewed from afar, are usually seen as nothing more than a splash of vibrant colors, but upon closer inspection, reveal something much more detailed and intricate. 

Printed Silk Ties can be worn to a range of functions, given their vibrant color schemes and unique patterns. However, they are best suited for more casual occasions such as a date night, weekend casual attire or a summer beach wedding. 

Given that printed silk ties generally consist of repeating motifs, they are best paired with a solid colored shirt. Not sure of exactly what you’re looking for? Simply use the sorting options above to filter by occasion, color and / or matching attire to find the perfect printed silk tie!