Polka Dot Ties


Burgundy & White Polka Dot Silk Tie
Grey & White Polka Dot Silk Tie
Navy & White Polka Dot Silk Tie
Navy and Lilac Dotted Silk Tie
Burgundy Polka Dot Silk Tie
Navy Polka Dot Silk Tie

Polka Dot Ties

Polka dot ties consist of an arrangement of filled in circles that could be showcased in a wide variety of colors and sizes.  These ties are ideal for less formal occasions, such as date nights, casual weddings, and every day work wear.

Polka dot ties are ideal when set against linear shirt patterns, especially if the dot pattern is widely spaced. This means that they are ideal for wearing with striped shirts, plaid shirts, and of course solids. Pairing with another pattern, such as stripes or plaids, will create interest and beautiful contrast in your overall look.

Not sure of exactly what you’re looking for?  Simply use the sorting options above to filter by occasion, color, and/or matching attire to find the perfect polka dot tie.

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Polka Dot Ties