Wholesale Ties & Men's Accessories

Are you looking to place a wholesale order for Ties / Men's Accessories (including Silk Ties, Knit Ties, Made In Italy Ties, Silk & Linen Pocket Squares, Cufflinks, Tie Bars, Lapel Flowers, Leather & Beaded Bracelets, Money Clips, Slim Wallets, Men’s Scarves, Colorful Socks & Collar Stays)? 

Our unique brand offering will position you perfectly to provide a luxurious product at an affordable price, all while seeing significant margin upside. Additionally, we include the cost of expedited outbound shipping (3-5 day delivery) in all wholesale pricing.

With a wide range of Ties & Men’s Accessories to choose from and over 800 SKU's, we can ensure that you will have something of your liking.

Some unique product elements include:

  • Each item is presented in an elegant black gift box along with a card with recommendations for matching attire.
  • All of our accessories are hand made. 
  • Our ties come presented in Regular Length - 58 inches (for men up to 6'1) and in Extra Long Length - 63 inches (for men 6'1 and over). 
  • All of our Pocket Squares are hand made with distinctive hand rolled contrasting edges. 

If you are interested in placing a wholesale / bulk order with us, please email us at info@thedarkknot.com 

Silk Ties from The Dark Knot


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