Polyester Ties

Less expensive than silk ties. Twice the fun! Whether you are looking to dress for an evening out, date night, wedding reception, cocktail party or weekend casual event, these ties will have you covered!

Navy Penguins Tie
Bonita Springs Floral Skinny Polyester Tie, Cream / Red
Blue & Light Green Floral Skinny Tie
Pink & Light Blue Floral Skinny Tie
Navy Bicycles Skinny Polka Dot Tie
Purple Bicycles Green Polka Dot Tie
Yellow Bicycles Light Blue Polka Dot Tie
Blue Umbrellas Silver Polka Dot Tie
Blue & Silver Paisley Skinny Tie
Navy Bears Polyester Tie
Navy, Blue & Silver Floral Skinny Tie
Navy & Light Blue Floral Skinny Tie
Navy & Pink Fish Polyester Tie
Bluish Grey Whales Tie
Red & Navy Snails Tie
Navy & Purple Cars Tie
Blue & Gold Skinny Abstract Tie
Blue, Black & Grey Skinny Plaid Tie
Navy, Blue & Turquoise Skinny Plaid Tie
Navy Strawberries Tie
Navy Chicks Twill Tie
Navy Coconuts Twill Tie
Navy Palm Trees Twill Tie
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Polyester Ties