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Ok.  So now that we’ve gone through some male celebrities that have dressed fairly poorly, let’s take a look at celebrities that are spot on.  Color coordination.  Check.  Quality of clothing. Check.  Charisma to hold it all together.  Check.

And our first entrant on here….drumroll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Brown

You got it…my man, Chris Brown!  Come  on, obviously, this is a headfake.  Though I absolutely love the blue bow tie.  In all seriousness, let’s look at some male celebrities who really do dress well in formal wear.

Barack Obama dressing

Fair enough.  You may not consider the President a celebrity, but with his campaigns of 2008 and 2012, this man has reached absolute stratospheric levels of celebrity-dom over the last 4-5 years.  And he always dresses impeccably.  From tailor made suits, to high quality shirts and ties that complement his outfits so well, he dresses to impress time and time again.  This classic look above has him wearing a striped red tie (great for demonstrating assertiveness), against the backdrop of his plain white shirt.

Brad Pitt style

With his chiseled frame, good looks and on screen presence, Brad Pitt has what it takes to pretty much make anything in his wardrobe look good – but he takes it a step further by dressing really fashionably time and time again.  Take the picture above as a case in point.  It’s a simple but elegant look.  Grey suit, grey tie to match the suit, against a lighter, white backdrop. Well, that’s a wrap for this post!

So here are some people we admire ourselves with their dressing sense. If you would like add some more names then please go on and suggest us!

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