An Introduction to the Navy Blazer

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Prior to delving into this article, apologies for the lack of new content creation over the last month, as I was in New York for that period pitching our neckwear line, The Dark Knot.


With the Fall Season now officially underway, it’s time to turn our attention to layers and items of clothing that expose our fashion sensibilities. While the Spring and Summer allow for both lighter fabrics and colors, the Fall Season often embodies darker colors and heavier fabrics that resemble foliage of the Fall Season and the elegance that often accompanies it. Yes, back in yesteryear, Tim Tebow did look elegant with paint under his eyes everytime he took to the gridiron. But this is not what I am talking about. Fall Season, as time has evolved, now truly allows the modern, discerning, dapper gentleman a real opportunity to showcase both one’s sense of individual style and individual flair. With that being said, we would like to focus today on the navy blazer, the one indispensable item that accentuates and simultaneously refines one’s wardrobe in the interim between Summer and Winter, known as Fall (or Autumn, across the pond!). So here we go - An Introduction to the Navy Blazer.

About the Navy Blue Blazer

A Men’s Navy Blue Blazer is a staple in a man’s wardrobe that goes with virtually anything. A navy blue blazer generally refers to a single breasted navy wool coat. Paired with grey flannel pants, a white button down shirt and a regimental striped tie, one would yield a classic ‘university’ look that is effectively timeless. Change the color of your shirt and remove the tie, and you still have an elegant look that can be worn to any location or event where the dress-code is just south of formal.

Pairing Options with Pants and Shirts

Within a business casual setting, a navy blue blazer affords one the option of dressing appropriately without leaning in towards the formal zone. An aesthetic option, as mentioned above, is the pairing of your blazer with grey flannel pants. Taken out of an office setting, a navy blue blazer is well paired with khakis, a natural complement to the blazer jacket.

Patterned Shirts that are striped or checked in small to medium sizes complement a navy blue blazer. Such patterns look modern and crisp, and allow for tasteful pairing combinations with neckwear. Wearing a solid tie against a checkered shirt will have you looking both dapper and elegant. Alternatively, textured neckwear such as knitted ties will add an element of creativity and spark to your ensemble that will have you clearly standing tall above the rest.

classic navy blazer

A classic navy blazer look with

grey pants, a brown belt and a striped




Neckwear that is patterned with stripes, checks or polka dots generally flatter a navy blazer. Throw in some texture with a knitted tie for added effect, and you will clearly stand heads and shoulders above your contemporaries with your fashion sensibilities. Argyle / checkered socks always add a hint of sophistication to the navy blazer – that item that remains timeless.

contemporary navy blazer

A more contemporary navy blazer

look with a polka dot tie and brown textured vest

along with a hint of blue in the pocket square!



When a navy blazer is worn with grey or brown pants, a pair of brown dress shoes matches up well. Black shoes are fine complements as well with grey pants, but a sophisticated option that will have you looking dapper would most definitely be a pair of brown shoes. Throw in a pair of patterned socks and you will have a dapper look that will be tough to emulate!

So, how do you like this article on Navy Blazer? If you have any suggestions related to Navy Blazer, please share them with us!

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