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22 Best Ties For Men In 2022

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In this detailed guide, 22 Best Ties For Men in 2022, we cover an array of ties that will have you impeccably dressed through the year, irrespective of occasion or season!

You might tie your tie with the same muscle memory you had at your prom, but your tie certainly shouldn’t be the same. Same goes for recent grads - leaving campus life for the office grind means a shift in style, and we’ve got you covered. Maybe you’ve spent years with the same tie,  an ode to the ever reliable blue paisley that your mom bought for graduation. This isn’t a sign for a breakup, that tie will always be there for you- this is just a nudge to try something new and fresh for the man you are now.

It can be hard to know what ties to stock in your wardrobe (and the answer isn’t one in every color). In this comprehensive guide, we are going to share 22 of the best ties for the modern man, while helping  you prepare for every occasion. Whether it's a date night to an art house, or holidays with your family, we found just the thing.

What’s in style?

We have dozens of posts to guide you through men’s fashion on our blog Suit Up Dress Up, where we have prepared detailed guides of what you should know before you stock your wardrobe.

Simple and smooth fabrics are more formal. The most formal option is always a solid black tie, but variations like a Grenadine can help sway your style from overtly formal. Other silk ties, in vibrant colors and designs can be great for all occasions.  With the right pattern and texture, a collection of silk ties are perfect for year round wear. Solid colors or minimal patterns are always a safer choice. 

1.  Nordstrom Neat Silk Tie

Nordstrom Geometric Foulard Silk Tie

Foulard ties are defined as ties of small-scale patterns with repetition, and are also called set or tailored patterns. Foulard ties are great wardrobe builders due to the simplicity of their designs, making them great for dozens of occasions. Professional style doesn’t have to be bland, and the subtle hint of color in foulard patterns add another layer to the tie- like the traces of blue in this warm piece. Price: $79.50

2. Berkshire Abstract Silk Tie, Navy / Yellow

Navy & Yellow Geometric Foulard Silk Tie

Dark hued with splashes of color in a dot like floral pattern makes this piece an essential statement piece.  Whether you are looking for a tie for daily work, a wedding reception, or date night, this stunning tie will ensure that people are paying attention. Price: $95.00

3. Banana Republic Corduroy Tie

Banana Republic Brown Corduroy Silk Tie

If your wardrobe is built on wool jackets or warm tones, this tie will suit you. Corduroy material is both refined and dignified. The subtle pattern of the fabric suits any occasion - whether city or countryside. Price: $59.50

4.  Remo Sartori Made in Italy Men's Silk Linen Matka Regimental Striped Necktie

Regimental Striped Silk Necktie

If the first thing you thought when you saw this tie was “classic” you’d be right. That’s what makes a tie like this a must have. Stripes are a staple of simplicity, and simplicity is supreme when building a wardrobe. A tie like this delivers for daily wear. Lucky for you, this tie comes in several hues so you can suit yourself. Price: $59.90

5. Cernobbio Paisley Silk Tie in Burgundy & Silver

Burgundy & Silver Paisley Silk Tie

Cernobbio Paisley is a stunning contemporary, cashmere inspired paisley silk tie, featuring an intricate silver & white paisley pattern set against a burgundy background. Paisley is a classic pattern for ties, and depending on the style, can range from casual to professional. A paisley in this smaller pattern with darker colors is appropriate for the office and with darker suits. Price: $193.00

6. Robert Talbott Men’s Best of Class Red Plaid Handmade Italian Wool and Silk Necktie

Red Plaid Wool & Silk Tie

Maybe you went from undergrad to graduate without ever leaving the library. A classic wool tie with the punch of a colored plaid is the perfect twist for the academic type. A plaid tie offers effortless style. The flair of a patterned tie meets timeless simplicity, beat your winter blues by wearing them. 

7. Canali Floral Silk Tie

Purple Floral Silk Tie

This Canali silk tie offers florals without the flavor of a tropical cruise. With the violet undertone and silver detailing, this tie works without limiting your wear to one season. Pair it with what you like, this dynamic piece is perfect for someone who likes versatility. Price: $160.00

8. Drake's Gold, Blue and Orange Multi Stripe Silk Tie

Gold Blue & Orange Striped Silk Tie

Not all of us live where the seasons change, and if you’re lucky enough to live in eternal sunshine, there's no reason to shy away from pastels and pops of color year round. Colored ties can be bright without being too bold or overpowering, take this tie for example. The colors are contrasting, making them stand out but are not harsh or casual. Embrace the breeze and try a splash of citrus color with this silk piece. Price: £145.00

9. Lanvin Knitted Silk Tie

Silk Knit Tie

Silk doesn't always mean sleek shine. This knit silk tie by Lanvin offers cafe colored warmth for any winter day. The texture of the fabric delivers both detail and design, without adding too many colors.  Knit ties work best with business casual settings or on an evening out, and make for the perfect layering option during cooler months. Price: £100.00

10. Wide Windowpane Silk-Linen Tie | Banana Republic

Windowpane Linen Tie

Ties made of lighter fabrics should typically be reserved only for summer, but that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to only one summer staple. Linen ties like this piece by Banana Republic are perfect for summer cocktails and breezy day trips. The window pane design offers a bit of depth to the style, without the weight of more heavily woven pieces. Price: $46.99

11. Pronto Uomo Wine Narrow Tie

 Solid Wine Tie

Elegance meets confidence with this subtle statement piece. From a distance, a  monochrome silk tie can appear muted, but under evening lights or a camera flash, the shine of silk has its moment. Silk ties, like this wine colored piece, offer the decadence of color, with the similar ease of styling an all black tie. Price: $59.2

12. Waterbury Blue Silk Tie | The Dark Knot

Solid Blue Silk Tie

Neutrals are essentials. A blue tie like this piece by The Dark Knot is a must have in your wardrobe. Often, patterned ties are a reflexive go to - but a solid staple is perfect for patterned suits and jackets. This tie would work well with plaid or pinstriped suits in navy, charcoal, or brown. You can’t go wrong with a tie like the Waterbury Blue. Being such a versatile piece, whether you're going to a wedding, work, or just hanging out casually on the weekend, you'll be perfectly suited. Price: $58.90

13. Gucci Black Silk Bee Tie

Black Silk Bee Tie

Black tie with a drop of honey, or should we say - with a sting. This piece would work well for a man who wears jewelry. The gold silk details of the bee would help a gold ring or other accessories integrate into the outfit with well executed cohesion.  While this is a black tie, the graphic helps lower the formality to cocktail rather than strictly black tie, making this perfect for a jazz club or casino table.  Price: £160.00 

The Dark Knot Tip: This tie is perfect for street style. Try styling with our  Gold Lion Manteca Bracelet , the gold hues will help make this piece pop.

14. Black and White Prince of Wales Checked Silk Tie with Blue Overcheck

Prince Of Wales Checked Tie

This style is called Prince of Wales and is a classic staple. Popularized for its formality, this pattern is easy to style and works for many of your more serious occasions, from weddings to funerals. This tie’s fine stitched details can offer the style of a patterned tie, without overpowering your look. Price: £110.00

Dark Knot Tip: Looking for advice on how to wear geometric ties? Check  out our post on our blog Suit Up Dress Up.

15. Magnoli Clothiers Hamburg Pure Silk Tie

Brown Geometric Foulard Silk Tie

Black might always be in style, but not every day is a black tie affair. Meet in the middle with chocolate brown silk designed with black details and a drop of Tiffany Blue for a medley of class and Art Deco flair. A geometric pattern like this is perfect for making a statement without the distraction of a more dizzying pattern. A refreshing spin on evening style, this tie offers a blend of both dark and light color, perfect for a date to an arthouse or for gallery events. Price: $60.00

16. Grenadine Brown Silk Tie

 Brown Grenadine Silk Tie

Knit silk in cozy chocolate for elevated style. Grenadine ties are eye-catching as their gorgeous texture replaces the patterns seen in other statement ties. Made from silk rather than knitted or woven wools, the threads are lightweight and maintain their formality. Price:$216.00

Dark Knot Tip: If you’d like to stand out with this style of statement tie, we've got you covered. Read our Complete Overview on Grenadine Ties.

17. Jaquard Silk Tie in Burgundy by Zara

Burgundy Jacquard Silk Tie

Every gentleman should have at least one Jacquard tie in his closet for winter. Jacquard means that for every color in the pattern, a different thread is used, typically resulting in a thicker woven tie. This dark wine toned tie is sure to catch attention, pair it with the right jacket, and you’ll find yourself sporting a look to remember for colder months. Price: $35.90

The Dark Knot Tip: Need help styling a striped tie?

18. Calvin Klein Men's Silk Floral Print Neck Tie Blue

Floral Print Silk Tie

This tie is a taste of the garden for city slickers. Jewel toned silks offer street style with the linear overlay of this gentle floral design. Gemstone colors like this one pair well with brown suits to create a stylized contrast. This tie will help you create a unique look of refined class for your next night out. Price: $41.72.

19. Textured Silk Stripe Tie in Mint Green | Banana Republic

Mint Green Striped Tie

Mint is a cool-toned pastel color that can be styled well for a variety of occasions, so this piece stands out from the norm. The blended threads of this tie offer texture as well as pattern.  This can be a great addition for any gentleman looking for a splash of color without overpowering their day to day style. Price: $59.50

20. Micro Dot Silk Tie in Olive Green

Olive Green Microdot Silk Tie

Patterned and professional. Micro dot work ties help elevate outfits without overwhelming them like other patterns. The olive color of this tie is refreshing and muted, and would pair well with a variety of suits. The weave of this tie also adds texture, making it a great choice for all seasons. Price: $60.00

21. Herringbone Silk Tie by Cufflinks Inc.

Grey Herringbone Tie

Herringbone is a classic gentleman’s staple. This tie style is made of silk knit with a linear design. Herringbone is smart and sharp, and provides a bit of vintage flair to any outfit. Or for any anglophiles, a very earl grey style. Price: $58.00​​

22. Last but not least- The Classic Black Tie.

Black Silk Tie

Black ties should be reserved only for your most formal events, and the quality matters. With the minimalism of a singular sleek color, imperfections like thread pulls and polyester sheen are obvious, that's why we recommend strictly silk. A black tie is an essential in your wardrobe, without a doubt. Your opera house tickets and your best friend’s wedding deserve it. Price: $62.00

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22 Best Ties For Men In 2022