9 Style Charts Every Man Must See

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Do you find yourself confused and a bit lost in the world of men's style?  Or maybe, you have most of it down but are lacking the final touches.  If you can put yourself in either of these categories, we can help!  Here are 9 style charts that every man must see in order to really present himself in the best way.  

First and Foremost, It's All About Fit

The Components of Men's Style, a comprehensive style chart outlining your objectives. This graph really hits home in saying that dressing well is all about confidence and a great fit

Components of Men's Style
Courtesy of www.dappered.com

How Your Shirt Should Fit Style Chart

A detailed style chart outlining everything to look for when choosing the right shirt.

How a Shirt Should Fit Infographic

Essential Details Pertaining To Suit Fit

This comprehensive style chart outlines what to look for in a well-fitting suit so that you no longer waste time or money. 

How a Suit Should Fit Infographic
Courtesy of www.hestays.com

Different Types Of Suit Fit Style Chart

This style chart by Macy's goes into detail of suit fits.  Knowing proper fitting of suiting can really help you nail down the kind of image that you are trying to portray. 

How a Suit Should Fit Infographic
Courtesy of www.macys.com

The Timeless, Classic Navy Suit Style Chart

A comprehensive outline of what to keep in mind while styling your navy suit.  This style chart goes into the nitty gritty about the dos and don'ts of navy suiting.

How to Wear a Navy Suit Style Chart

How To Match Shirts & Ties Style Chart

This detailed infographic hails itself as the ultimate cheat guide to matching your suit and ties.  You know what?  We think so, too!  

How to Match Shirts and Ties

Dress Code Matters

This style chart provides a basic outline on what is acceptable for many different occasions.  Always feel lost when planning for an event?  Keep this one handy.

Men's Dress Code Style Chart

Building An Interchangeable, Lean Wardrobe Style Chart

This style chart breaks down the notion of minimalism and outlines what exactly it takes to build a lean wardrobe. 

Lean Wardrobe Example Chart

Dress Shoe Guide

This one is not so much a style chart as it is a reference guide to men's shoes.  Keep this one handy next time that you plan to shop for shoes. 

Men's Shoe Type Guide

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