Create the Perfect Bespoke Suit

E-Book: How To Create The Perfect Bespoke Suit

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You know wearing a Bespoke Suit will change your stylistic life forever. You've heard it, and seen how your friends & colleagues have transformed their look overnight. You've even wanted to go in and purchase one, but have possibly had any of the following hesitations:

  • What type of cut to go for?
  • What patterns would suit your body type?
  • What fabric to go for based on season?
  • How to accessorize your suit?

The Dark Knot's first ever E-Book (60 pages) provides a comprehensive insight into all of the above and more. Having researched men's formal wear for our blog for over three years, in addition to coming from a long tradition of bespoke tailoring within the family business, we have curated an e-book that answers many pressing questions related to bespoke tailoring, so that you can be assured that you will have the perfect suit the next time you visit your tailor. Topics covered include: 

  • History of Bespoke Suits
  • Suit Styles
  • How A Bespoke Suit Should Fit
  • Suit Fabrics & Patterns
  • Suits Based On Seasons
  • Accessorizing A Suit

Additionally, we provide you with:

  • A comprehensive Check List to ensure that you always know what to look for when visiting your Bespoke Tailor
  • Q&A with Tailors Gresham Blake
  • A Discounted Offering of 10% to our Preferred Tailor who visits the US 2-3 times a year
  • A 15% one time discount code for The Dark Knot

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