Effortless Gent

As readers of Menprovement, we know that you gentlemen are continually looking to dress better and up your level of style. The Dark Knot's Starter Kits are your perfect solution, where we help you choose Ties & Accessories via a follow up Free Style Consultation via email!

We are thrilled to offer all readers at Menprovement an additional 20% off from our existing discounted prices, using the following discount code at checkout: EG20

Our process is extremely simple.

1. You select any Starter Kit of your choice, without having to actually individually add any of our items to your cart.

2. We follow up with a Free Style Consultation via email, where we help you choose Ties & Accessories based on your existing wardrobe, planned wardrobe purchases and lifestyle needs. Items can be chosen from our entire range of accessories. Alternatively, you can tell us the accessories of your liking.

3. We ship out your items, and follow up with tracking details. All orders come with Free Shipping Globally!

Silk Ties
Skinny Silk Ties
Three Ties and Three Pocket Squares Starter Kit
Two Ties and One Pocket Square Starter Kit
Linen and Silk Pocket Squares
Three Ties, Pocket Squares and Lapel Flowers Starter Kit
Linen Pocket Square
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Effortless Gent