Navy Silk Ties

Shop for Navy Silk Ties that can be worn across a range of occasions, from daily work, to important presentations, your next wedding reception or for an evening out with friends. Find ties based on matching suits, matching shirts & even the type of occasion that you are dressing up for! 

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Navy Ties

Navy Ties are a gentleman’s staple and a highly versatile option for a range of settings. Whether you are looking to dress dapper for an important presentation or wedding, or looking to pair your navy tie with a more smart / business casual option, a navy tie will have you in good standing! 

Matching Navy Tie Colors & Patterns

When looking to match your navy tie to suits and shirts, a great way to start is to pair your tie with a shirt that matches a secondary color in your tie. Therefore, a navy and turquoise silk tie will pair perfectly with a light green shirt. When in doubt, pairing your navy tie with a lighter blue shirt will provide for that perfect crisp, monochromatic look, while white & grey shirts provide an elegant, neutral look. 

When pairing shirt patterns with your navy tie, pattern proportion is more important than pattern variations. Hence, a larger striped navy tie against a finely striped shirt will work more effectively than a navy striped tie against a polka dot shirt, where the pattern spacing is similar. What we are effectively seeking for here is contrast! Differences in pattern proportion between your shirt & tie will create the most visually striking contrast, as opposed to going for differences in pattern alone, where proportion differences are not as evident. 

Navy Ties For Formal Events

Navy Ties are ideal for situations where you are dressing up in a more formal capacity, such as weddings, business meetings, a cocktail reception or an interview. If in doubt, pair your navy tie with a solid white or light blue shirt and a charcoal grey or navy suit for that classic, debonair look! If you would like a more sophisticated matching scheme, please feel free to use The Dark Knot’s filtered search system, where one can search for ties based on matching suits, matching shirts, the type of occasion you are dressing up for and even according to matching bridesmaid’s gown colors! 

Navy Ties For Smart Casual

Looking to dress dapper with a casual twist? With a smart casual ensemble, pair your navy tie with a more casual dress shirt such as a chambray or linen variety, along with a pair of dark denim or well fitted chinos. If a silk tie feels too dressy, try swapping out your navy tie for a navy knitted tie, which provides for a more casual aesthetic – exactly what you would be looking for!

Seasonal Considerations For Navy Ties

While navy ties pair exceptionally well with a navy or charcoal grey woolen suit, pairing your navy tie with appropriate colors and fabrics based on season will inject your attire with an extra level of sophistication that your peers will most likely be lacking! 

A navy tie will pair exquisitely with a royal or electric blue suit during the spring / summer months. Alternatively, a navy tie can work extremely well with an off white or cream colored linen or cotton suit – providing for both color and textural variation with this combination!

During Fall / Winter Seasons, try pairing your navy tie with an earth colored ensemble, such as an olive green or brown tweed suit! Again, this eclectic, yet sophisticated mix of colors and textural differences will go a long way towards elevating your look and have you stand out above your contemporaries! 

Matching Navy Ties To Your Occasion!

Navy Ties can be worn to a range of occasions, from daily work & interviews, to important presentations or your next wedding reception. Within more serious settings, we would suggest wearing solid, striped or geometric foulard patterns. When you are looking to make an impression, such as at an important presentation, or that next wedding you are attending, strutting a polka dot or paisley tie pattern could be real head turners! 

When dressing for a wedding, it is always prudent to consider both the dress code and the theme. A navy tie can often be a safe and stylistic choice for both formal and semi-formal weddings. However, if you are a groomsman, we suggest browsing ties based on our matching bridesmaid gown colors filter within our collection! 

Accessorizing Navy Ties

When strutting your navy silk tie, pairing it with a silk or linen pocket square will provide your attire with additional panache! A silk pocket square pairing will work best with more formal settings. We recommend pairing your tie with a larger patterned pocket square, such as a paisley, floral, solid or polka dot pattern for maximum effect. The trick is to ensure that your tie & pocket square patterns are not an exact match, so as to provide some pattern variation within your attire!

A linen or cotton pocket square will pair exquisitely in more business / smart casual settings, providing for textural variation! Linen or Cotton pocket squares also allow you to strut more complex folds, as the rigidity of these fabrics compared to silk allow for folds such as two, three or four point folds, that lend to a striking look! 

If you are looking for that perfect extra level of detail, try opting for a tie bar. This accessory will not only help keep your tie in place, it will also provide a dec

Type Of Tie Knot To Wear With Your Navy Tie

When dressing up in a more formal capacity, we suggest tying a half or full windsor knot. For more casual settings, a four-in-hand knot will suffice, provided you aren’t looking for something more sophisticated!