10 Best Pocket Squares To Buy

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In this detailed guide, we cover the 10 best pocket squares to buy.

Given that we often wear pocket squares with ties, choosing pocket square patterns can often seem problematic. With ties ranging from solids to stripes, abstracts to polka dots, and plaid to animal prints, how do we know which pattern to opt for?  Which pocket squares to buy and not waste our money?

Pocket squares are the go to accessory for almost any occasion. These small details are what set apart a good look from a great look. Have fun with this piece of formal wear. Patterned pocket squares really can really accentuate individuality.

The cardinal rule for coordinating a pocket square is to not match the tie in color, pattern, or texture. Instead, utilize a coordinating and complementing color that will add something to your outfit rather than just sit in your pocket.

We have set out to make this daunting task a little easier for you. Below is our 2019 list of 10 best pocket squares to buy.  Luxury accessories at every price point.

1. Brioni, Paisley Silk Pocket Square $110

Best Pocket Squares, Brioni Pocket Square

Brion is a classic name in luxury menswear. This Pocket Square encompasses a beautiful blue paisley with a solid blue border, perfect for almost every occasion.  100% silk with hand rolled edges. 

This elegant paisley can be worn alone, or paired with virtually any tie design (outside of paisley). Maybe opt for a polka dot tie?

2. Ermenegildo Zegna, Red Silk Pocket Square $135

Best Pocket Squares, Red Silk Pocket Square Zegna

Beautiful and interesting design by Zegna. Closer inspection reveals a whole new world of tropical shade and lighthouses. 100% silk.

Bold red pocket squares make great stand-alone pieces, especially paired with a purple blazer. When choosing a tie for a print like this, go for a complementing color and avoid matching these colors exactly.

3. Eton Green Floral Print Pocket Square $80

Best Pocket Squares, Eton Green Floral Print Pocket Square

Classic, yet modern. This sophisticated pattern works for almost anyone, beautiful coloring with subtle design details.100% silk.  An obvious choice for our best pocket square list.

This accessory is perfect for a small dash of color in a stand-alone look. If looking for a great tie match, opt for a textural piece like a chunky knit.

4. The Dark Knot, Milford Paisley Silk Pocket Square $39

Best Pocket Squares, Green Paisley Silk Pocket Square

Rich printed paisley design with luxurious details. Vibrant, statement. 100% silk.

Again, paisley is a great match for almost every tie in your wardrobe. There are so many complementing color options within this complex design; almost any solid is a great idea.  Polka dots and stripes could also make a great statement.

5.  Simonnot Godard, Madras Plaid Cotton Pocket Square $75

Best Pocket Squares, Simonnot Godard

Exquisite design. Layered coloring. The first pocket square made of cotton on the list, this one is an obvious choice. 100% cotton.

This piece features rich and intense coloring to match every shirt and tie combination, what a great piece for seersucker suiting. Pairing a nice animal printed tie could be the best match.

6. Tom Ford, Jaguar Print Pocket Square $180

Best Pocket Squares, Tom Ford Jaguar Print

When it comes to animal print, one must always go big or go home. Tom Ford did just that when he released this beauty. 100% silk.

Tom Ford’s animal print is perfect as a stand-alone accessory. However, this could add a little pizzazz to the classic all black look. (Of course, Tom Ford creates some of the best pocket squares..)

7. Salvatore Ferragamo, Gancini Pocket Square $140

Best Pocket Squares, Salvatore Ferragamo

While we would not normally recommend a solid pocket square, this one could not be looked over. Exquisite jacquard silk. Classic design, very formal. Great solid with enough details to keep you from looking boring. 100% silk.

Solid pocket squares are so versatile. A great pair for every tie in your wardrobe, add texture and design by opting for an interesting tie.

8. Kiton, Fancy Ovals Silk Pocket Square $215

Best Pocket Squares, Kiton Foulard Silk Pocket Square

The most expensive on our list, Kiton, claims to be the best in every way. Great coloring and exquisite design, 100% silk.

This piece screams stand-alone, however we can imagine it looking amazing paired with a solid pink or polka dotted tie.

9. Eton, Pink Dots Silk Pocket Square $65

Best Pocket Squares, Eton Pink Polka Dot

Nothing quite transforms your winter wardrobe to summer quite like a pop of pink.  This one by Eton should do the trick. 100% silk.

Looking to add pizzazz to a classic look? Pink polka dots! A great match for those paisley ties in your closet.

10. The Dark Knot, Baldwin Abstract Linen Pocket Square Grey / White / Blue, $39

Best Pocket Squares, Grey Paisley Linen

Keeping you put together in all situations this friendly and versatile piece is perfect for almost everyone. Easy transition from classic to fun, beautiful contrasting edges.  100% linen.

Linen pocket squares are a great textural complement to a dapper gentleman’s wardrobes. This textured pocket square will work with woolen and linen suits in the winter or summer months respectively.  Some of the best pocket square looks are made with linen squares!


Whether you are dressing dapper for work, a cocktail reception, a date night or an evening out with friends, pocket squares will be there for you. This accessory is essential for any man in a jacket; they add both color and balance to your overall look and express individuality. 

We hope that you found this list of the 10 best pocket squares useful as you navigate your sartorial journey!  If you need more help, here's our 10 best luxury ties list.

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