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You may recall us previously talking about how versatile and simple dark denim is. How do you choose what to wear with dark denim when it goes with virtually everything in your closet? Sweatshirt, blazer, T-shirt, avant-garde fabric piece with crazy matching head wrap, they all work.

Today we are just going to focus on loose business casual looks (I say loose because maybe not all of these would be welcomed in the office).

Before we delve into what to wear with your dark blue jeans, we should get a couple of things straight. If you are looking to wear any kind of denim in a business casual situation you are going to want to avoid anything with holes in it, or overwhelming amounts of adornment. Avoid any rhinestones on the rear or obvious whiskering in the crotch area. When it comes to business casual denim, the simpler the style the better.

You are also going to want to carefully consider the fit when choosing your denim.  Most formal denim choices are in the slim category, as they tend to fit like a nice pair of chinos.  Slim-fit denim should slightly hug the thighs, knees and calves (without bulging) and loosen up around the ankles.  This is a clean and crisp look for any size, which is why it is the preferred fit for most. 

For more help with choosing the right pair of denim, see our previous post.

Dark Denim with a Blazer

How to Wear Dark Denim with a Blazer

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Perhaps the most polished and popular business casual denim look is dark blue jeans paired with a collared dress shirt and blazer.  This look is great for casual Fridays AND it provides a really great way to show off your amazing pocket square collection.  This is also one of the best possible ensembles to wear on a first date, a look that shows that you can be both serious and fun. Not quite the mullet of today, but maybe?  How cool really were mullets?

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Dark Denim and a Sweater

Dark Denim Paired with a Sweater

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A simpler (and slightly more casual) approach is to pair your dark denim with a nice sweater – bonus points for cashmere.  You can take this look a step further by layering a collared shirt under the sweater with the tie tucked in between. This look is so sophisticated and perfect for those somewhat chilly days - and for those of us who work in an office that refuses to turn the AC down year-round.

Dark Denim with a Solid Dress Shirt

Dark Denim with a Dress Shirt

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Another great way to wear denim is with a standalone dress shirt. Simple, quick – you will look amazing and be out of the door in less than five minutes.  Zero effort.  Some even dare to tuck a pocket square in the pocket of the dress shirt. The pocket square might not be a great look for everyone, but it seems definitely worth a try.

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Dark Denim with a T-Shirt and Blazer

Dark Denim and a T-shirt

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You can also pair your dark denim with a really great T-shirt and cover it with a blazer. This might not be the preferred at the office, but it is perfect for happy hour, dates, and casual meet-ups. Opt for this look when you are really looking to make your personality shine – which you can do in MANY ways (sneakers, pocket square, graphic tee, etc.). 

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Dark Denim Contemporary Looks

Monochromatic Dark Denim

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Denim can look great with more denim. Done correctly, this is a really polished look and it works for almost every social situation.  I know it can seem a bit overwhelming the first time, but trust me this look can be really cool.  Just be careful not to get too matchy matchy with the denim coloring though, too similar shades can go downhill quickly

See, denim looks are easy to pull off and they are perfect for every occasion.  The best part?  You probably already own all of these pieces.

As mentioned before, denim is not always welcomed in the office – but it is a great way to show your style and personality everywhere else.  So what are you waiting for?  Know that you know what to wear with dark denim, pick a style above and start turning heads!

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