Four Reasons Why Silk is a Great Fabric For Neckties

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Ever wondered why silk is considered a fabric favorite by people around the world, barring associations of prestige and quality?  In addition to many other items of clothing, silk is the choice of fabric for luxury neckwear manufacturers, and there are reasons aplenty as to why this is the case.

First, believe it or not, silk is one of the most durable fabrics out there.  Despite its soft appearance, silk, as a fiber, has high tensile strength, which allows it to withstand pulling pressure.  Silk is the strongest natural fiber.  Its elasticity contributes significantly to its tensile strength, with the fabric having the ability to be stretched from between 1/7th to 1/5th of an inch before breaking.  With continuous pulling, it tends to revert to its original shape and size, but overtime, will inevitably expand and lose its original elasticity.

Secondly, silk fabrics retain their shape and have moderate resistance to wrinkling.

Third, silk has a uniqueness with regards to its drapability.  Given its suppleness, together with its elasticity and tensile strength, this material can take forms in great shape.

Lastly, and just as important as the above three, silk fabric does not attract dirt because of its smooth surface.  The dirt, which gathers, can be easily removed by washing or cleaning.  It is often recommended that silk garments should be dry cleaned.

Silk Neckties

Silk ties exhibiting the qualities listed above


So there you have it!  Silk exhibits richness, luster, strength, durability and natural cleanliness properties about it that make it one of the most alluring fabrics!  Enjoy wearing your silk neckties! 


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