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With the NBA finals now in full swing, it is only apropos to discuss the phenomenon that has taken the fashion world by storm – Dwayne Wade.  While ‘Flash’s’ ability to maneuver through opponents, slice through the paint and change direction quicker than Paris Hilton would say yes to her next PG rated flick are close to unprecedented and often leave us awestruck, his sleight of body movement off the court has left us equally befuddled.  Don’t get me wrong.  Dwayne Wade is the man on the court.  And he has the frame and looks to strut his stuff off the court too.  While he can be seen looking elegant and well put together, his recent foray into coveted items such as ‘manpris’ and the like are almost downright ludicrous with an extra serving of pomp on the side.  With that said, let’s look through some of his ‘other career’ infrequent high’s and more than frequent low’s.

Dwayne Wade Peacock Coat

Sporting a peacock coat, manpris and ludicrous kicks, he looks as outrageous as Prince would if he were engaging in a pre boxing-bout catwalk.

Dwayne Wade Floral Jacket

No comment necessary here.  Enough said.

Dwayne Wade Skinny Pants

Seriously, Dwayne Wade?!? These should be reserved for another member of your coveted ‘Big Three’ – Chris Bosh.  Without any real paint presence this entire playoffs outside of his most recent game, those pants would certainly help validate Shaq’s assessment of the least productive player of the Big Three – ‘Christina Bosh’.

Dwayne Wade Well Dressed

D-Wade showing us he actually can dress well.  So, D-Wade, leave your change of direction prowess on the court.  Stick to one direction off of it.  We’ll all be much better off for it.

So how do you rate Dwayne Wade's style statement? Share your opinion with us!

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