The Building of a Men's Necktie Line

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Today, I am going to deviate from the usual sartorial knowledge and go a bit deeper into our background. 

Over the last few weeks, several of you will have seen links to a catalog for a necktie collection that I have developed.  The Dark Knot.  A catalog for which an e-commerce website will imminently be launched.  I wanted to provide some background as to why I have decided to start a men’s necktie line, and how I feel it will be an improvement upon most men’s accessories shopping experiences.

Search for the high quality at an affordable price

I remember navigating around both online and offline establishments in the search for that value proposition: a high-quality necktie at an affordable price.  Sure, there were plenty of high quality neckties already available – at absurd prices!  And while there has been a proliferation of low-cost sellers in the e-commerce space, I couldn’t find a concept that bridged the two.  In the rare instance that there is higher quality product out there at a reasonable price, how extensive is their range?

To put it simply, there wasn’t a brand out there selling really luxurious neckties in a wide assortment of colors and styles at an affordable price.  And to top it off, the transaction ended where it ended.  Once I bought a necktie, what would I wear it with?  Layering clothing for men is probably one of the things that leaves us most befuddled.  We’ve been used to treating fashion as functional for so long, that the concept of trying to maximize our combinations of colors and textures across such vast spectrums leaves us utterly confused.  I wanted to blend everything together.

And so I did.  In 2012, I started extensively researching the makings of a finely constructed tie.  From the interlining, to the stitching, the tipping, quality of silks used and the ingredients necessary to give you the perfect knot, I conceptualized the idea for our brand name. The Dark KnotHaving extensively researched the marketplace to figure out what designs sold, what price points worked, and what generally seems to be the best value for money (without sacrificing quality), I can confidently say that I am truly bringing you a fantastic product at a phenomenal price.

The Dark Knot Tie Packaging

Our product focuses on quality, packaging and the full customer experience, with matching suit and shirt recommendations with every tie!

So whether you are looking to dress preppy for the Kentucky Derby, dress up for that next charity event dinner that you are attending, impressing at your next interview, or simply wearing a tie to make a statement at your next corporation presentation, we have something for you.

Animal Print Ties from Dark Knot

Our Animal Print Ties are perfect for events like the Kentucky Derby or Spring / Summer Weddings!

Placing the customer at front and center of our philosophy

And I don’t want the transaction to end at the transaction.  I truly believe that any shopping experience, be it offline or online, should encompass the full product lifecycle experience.  The second the product is off our shelves is when we really spice up our customer serviceEmail us with questions about when and what you should wear your new necktie with, even send us pictures of you wearing it with existing suits / shirt combinations, and we’ll tell you whether we think it works or not, along with alternative suggestions!  For far too long, dressing up for men has seemed more of a chore than fun.  No wonder we’d rather play sports, video games and hang out with our buddies!  Well, I want to change that!  We can have fun strutting our stuff too.

And so there you have it.  My goal of developing a product that encompasses quality, value, elegant packaging and a true focus on the customer experience, from details such as tie clips to providing matching suit and shirt recommendations for every tie, has finally come to fruition and will be available to see in the very near future on a newly designed e-commerce portal.

Given that one of my passions is delivering sartorial knowledge that can help men dress better, I thought that this product would resonate with many of you as there is a strong focus on helping men use these neckties in a discerning, color coordinated fashion.

Welcome to The Dark Knot Family.

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