Ideas for dressing up for a Winter Wedding

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While Winter Season and Weddings can often seem as compatible as Believing and Bieber, it is still imperative that one knows how to make an appearance at a Winter Wedding with a stroke of dapper.  Absolutely essential.  While Summer Weddings draw much fanfare and attention, for obvious reasons, Winter Weddings can often be just as enchanting.  So treat the next one you go to as seriously as you do your summer weddings, and ensure that you are appropriately dressed for the occasion.

While summer season weddings often bring out traditional suits with pastel colors, and more often than not, aid in the phenomenon known as the re-emergence of the seersucker, winter season weddings, by extension of the time of year we are in, call for a more subdued look.  One that can look rich and elegant, but with a color scheme that is as far removed from summer weddings as Chuck Norris is from real acting.

So what works in the Winter Season?  Darker colors that resemble fall / winter tones, along with textured accessories choices, that can really make you stand out and give your outfit a layer of kick that will rocket fuel you to stratospheric levels.  Ok, that’s clearly exaggerated, but you get my point.


Regarding your choice of fabric, both woolen and cotton suits would work during the winter season.  A charcoal grey or a navy blue suit would set the tone well for the rest of your outfit.  Light grey can work as well if either your shirt or tie are of a darker color.  Light grey suits, with a blue shirt and a burgundy tie, for example, can work extremely well.


If you are looking to add pattern to your ensemble, a gingham shirt works as a great addition.  If your suit is pinstriped or patterned and your tie is also patterned, it would be most prudent to opt for a solid shirt, unless you have real swagger about mixing and matching three different patterns on three layers of clothing.  Not impossible, but a tough feat nonetheless.  Keep in mind that with darker colored ties, a lighter shade of blue or grey would contrast well with the rest of your outfit.


Accessorizing your suit with a woven woolen or knitted woolen tie can take the sophistication level of your suit up several notches.  Again, darker, fall and winter tone colors will complement the rest of your outfit extremely well. If opting for a patterned tie, plaid is making waves once again, and works well with woolen ties!


Vests are a great layering option that have witnessed a recent revival.  With men having significantly amped up their interest in fashion trends over the last couple of years, many have taken to vests to amplify their originality and flair with respect to pattern and color.  If you are donning a traditional suit, it is imperative that the fabric of your vest matches that of your suit.  Additionally, you want your vest to be narrow enough so that the suit lapels do not engulf it in its entirety.

Woolen Suit with a Woolen Plaid Tie

Strut a Woolen Suit with a Woolen Plaid Tie at your next Winter Wedding, and you’ll make a bold statement!

And that’s a wrap for this one! What are your favorite ways of dressing for a Winter Wedding? We would love to read your comments below!

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