Introduction to the Woolen Tie

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Let’s face it.  You’ve watched Boiler Room.  Over and over again.  And if you are an 80’s brainchild, several more times than that.  Intentional or inadvertently, you were energized by the slick and illegal dealings of the characters on screen.  What made them so appealing was not just the greasy but desirable salesmen knockout pitches they delivered one minute after the next, but the silk ties and matching suits that they donned, and the panache that went with.

Sure, smooth goes on smooth.  Ask Enrique Iglesias, he’ll tell you all about it.  But if you want to mix and match, not just patterns but also fabrics, give wool a try.  A wool tie can look great with a tweed jacket, but equally if not more impressive on a stunning suit.  So what makes wool such an appealing choice?

First, it’s Winter Season.  The summery days of ‘Boiler Room’ with silk on suits can easily be replaced with something more textured (wool).  Textured fabrics are heavier, insulate the body well, and add loads of character to your entire ensemble.  Usually more subdued colors that accompany wool (check out winter colors) and an equally if not more impressive knot can really make you stand out.  In spades.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Silk Ties on Suits

Silk Ties on Suits work great. So do Woolen Ties. Read Below

Second, you have options with wool.  Knitted and Woven.  Knitted ties are generally coarser than woven woolen ties, due to their coarse texture and limited weaving patterns.  Made from lightweight yarn that is either wool, cashmere, or a blend- knitted ties drape exceptionally well.  However, because they are soft and somewhat stretchy, knitted ties don’t have the fullness and hence level of formality that woven wool ties provide.  Hence, knitted woolen ties are a safer option with textured jackets such as flannel, corduroy or tweed.

While woven woolen ties do tend to pair well with textured jackets, they are a also a great choice to pair with a traditional suit.  Be sure to avoid suits with excessive sheen however, as woolen ties are more subdued in color.  Woolen ties drape well, are fuller in body and subsequently tie a thick, rich knot, befitting of any formal occasion.

Kobe Bryant Wool TieKobe Bryant strutting a wool tie

And remember, woven woolen Ties are textured, and hence are usually patterned. So make sure you are well brushed up on your ability to match patterns before diving in for a purchase!

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