The Rise and Rise of Tweed

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This Fall Season has witnessed the rapid ascension of Tweed straight into every discerning gentleman’s wardrobe.  Tweed is a coarse, thick rugged woolen fabric made in a variety of weaves and colors with several different shades of wool to give it a distinctive appearance.  It supposedly dates from 55 B.C, when Caesar’s army made note of it, finding it being worn by the British natives.  Tweed was originally the choice for hunting clothing due to its durability. Stories abound about the origins of the name Tweed, with the most common ones being that it is derived from the Scottish word Tweed, the Scottish equivalent of Twill.  Another popular rumored origin is that Tweed is woven near the river Tweed.

Woolen fabrics such as Tweeds and Fleeces are made from yarns with short wool fibers that lie in all directions.  The fabrics are thick and surfaces are somewhat soft and fuzzy.  Tweeds are constructed of loosely woven yarns to create a soft, lofty textile.

Tweed fabric in windowpane

Tweed fabric in windowpane

The texture and pattern of Tweed makes it highly versatile for accessorizing.  A Tweed jacket, if worn with chinos or jeans, can look collegiate or professorial, and so the use of a Tweed Jacket can run the spectrum from casual all the way to formal.  Tweed is great during the Fall season as it is a contrasting fabric to cotton shirt fabrics, and this contrast in pattern allows sartorially inclined gentleman to accessorize accordingly.  Woolen ties with Tweed Jackets have become popular as of late, given similarities in fabric structure and composition.  Try opting for a burgundy or dark brown woolen or knitted tie with a tweed jacket for a classic Fall Season look!

Tweed jacket

Tweed jacket perfectly paired with a knitted burgundy polka dot tie!

Or you could forget the Tweed look altogether and strut your stuff like Chuck.

chuck norris

Remember.  The cold insulates itself from Chuck Norris.  Sweeeeeeetness!

Do you love wearing tweed? If yes, share some ideas on how to wear them in style!

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