At The Dark Knot, we are here to help you. Here to ease your stylistic concerns, and ultimately, help you dress better. I know from experience how frustrating it is to not receive the best style advice that we can find. It seemed like every brand out there was just focused on selling product, and not truly focused on the entire experience of buying and then wearing neckties. This is why I founded The Dark Knot. To create a line of luxurious, affordable ties (and subsequently Men's Accessories) for the aspiring, dapper gentleman, while helping alleviate your style concerns

    Ultimately, we've thought about you. What makes your retail experience pleasant, hassle free, satisfying, and above all, truly enjoyable. Luxurious Men's Accessories, elegant packaging,  indispensable style advice, free shipping, and customer service that is with you every step of the way.  


    Rishi Chullani,



    The Dark Knot