Bluish Grey Foulard Silk Tie Perfect For Work, Presentations Or An Evening Out

Posted by Rishi Chullani on

Bluish Grey Foulard Silk Tie


Foulard / Abstract Silk Ties are your ultimate versatile neck piece, as they can be worn for daily work, important meetings or an evening out! These ties can be paired with solid shirts, and depending on their pattern spacing (wider patterns work well with smaller patterned shirts), can be paired seamlessly with striped or microcheckered shirts.

The above look, by incredibly dapper gentleman @runnineverlong  over at Instagram, features a linen inspired bluish grey foulard silk tie that pairs perfectly with this lighter blue striped shirt. The pattern spacing of this design allows it to pop off perfectly against this shirt and solid colored suit. The ensemble is appropriately balanced with a silk paisley pocket square that adds to both the color and pattern aesthetic.

Whether you are dressing for daily work, an important meeting or an evening out, this look will ensure that people are doing a double take!

The Dark Knot Tie: Lakeville Foulard Silk Tie, Bluish Grey / Red / Yellow

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