Yellow and Blue Animal Printed Silk Tie Ideal For Day Time Wear!

Posted by Rishi Chullani on

Yellow & Blue Printed Silk Tie

Animal Printed Silk Ties are unique motif based ties that are ideal conversation starters. What appear as a splash of color from afar, show something much more detailed up close, typically showing something about the wearer’s interests. Animal Print Ties are usually presented in different themes, such as sports (sailing boats, golf balls, tennis racquets), ocean life (fish, crabs) or lifestyle / adventure (palm trees, safaris etc).

The look above features a stunning yellow and blue birds animal printed silk tie that perfectly complements this solid white shirt and blue blazer. This look is perfectly rounded out with a mustard yellow lapel flower, providing a monochromatic and sophisticated look. The white contrasting edges of the lapel flower that complement the solid white shirt provide the perfect finishing touch.

The above look is ideal for your next party at the local country club, a horse racing meet such as The Kentucky Derby, your next day time wedding, or a weekend casual get together!

The Dark Knot Silk Tie: Falmouth Birds Silk Tie, Yellow / Blue

The Dark Knot Lapel Flower: Amherst Mustard Yellow / White

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