The Best Luxury Ties for Men 2022

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A luxurious necktie is a vehicle of expression, intent and status. Few, if any accessories, emphasize a gentleman’s penchant for taste and refinement like a tie. With so many choices out there, it can become overwhelmingly difficult to choose one that best suits you.

When assessing the quality of a tie, durability is of paramount importance.  The easiest way to refine your options is to stick to natural fibers such as silk, linen and cotton and avoid synthetic ones, such as polyester.

So what qualities should one look for in a luxury tie? Woolen interlining can help significantly in creating that rich, thick knot. Additionally, silk tipping in place of traditional polyester tipping can improve the profile of your tie. Higher quality tie makers typically tip their ties with silk, providing an elegant, finished look. Sub par tie manufacturers sometimes skimp and end up using polyester.

Fret not! To help you get ahead of the game, we have scoured the internet and found our favorite luxury ties, to help you truly elevate your style game.

1. Ralph Lauren, Plaid Silk Tie $235


Ralph Lauren Wool Plaid Tie



With a blend of warm and cool colors in deep tones, this tie is an essential for fall. This silk tie is lightly woven, and offers the depth of a wool tie without the weight of one, making it easier to style with a variety of suit colors and materials. Give this gorgeous homage to vintage a shot.

2.The Dark Knot, Fall River Foulard Silk Tie Navy/Orange $95.


The Dark Knot Silk Tie in Copper


Perhaps the most self-explanatory brand on the list is The Dark Knot. The Dark Knot prides itself on providing the market with affordable luxury neckties.This piece in particular is perfect for autumn or any candlelight winter event. Copper silk with a metallic shine is brightened by a deep navy background. The white detailing adds further dimension to this tie, making it an accessory for true gentlemen of class. Made in Italy, 100% woven silk. 

3. Gucci, Interlocking Silk Tie $220

Gucci Interlocking Silk Tie


This tie is an equilibrious pattern that walks the line between bold and minimal. Did you know that the Interlocking G is representative of Founder Guccio Gucci's initials and that it is continually reintroduced season after season? For lovers of luxury, this piece is great for high brow street style or your next formal event. Made in Italy. 100% silk. 

4. Givenchy, Silk Tie Steel Blue $240

Givenchy Steel Blue Silk Tie
Givenchy Steel Blue Silk Tie


Not only is this tie finely woven from 100% silk, it is an unbeatable color. Steel blue, also called Gunmetal, balances itself between grey and blue, with just a touch of warmth in its pigment. This tie will strongly complement any collection of suits. Plus - since it is a patternless and solid design, it can be styled with ease in any wardrobe. Well worth the price. 

5. Charvet, Large Scale Deco Silk Tie $250

Charvet Silk Tie in Paisley


This piece is a bold pattern in a timeless style. A violet tribute to the art deco past of old New York, this tie can elevate any dark suit and shirt combination to a well-composed high fashion look. The red and blue offer a dexterous contrast, and unlike the many Italian ties in this post, this tie is crafted in France from pure silk. 

6. Tom Ford, Velvet Silk Tie Emerald $345

Tom Ford Velvet Silk Tie

Velvet is done best when the designers know what works. This velvet tie stands out among its peers with its rich weight and velour. Feather light to the touch, but beautifully composed, this tie makes more than a statement. This tie would be the perfect match for anyone looking for subdued flair for formal. Available in four colors. Made in Italy. 

7.The Dark Knot, Cernobbio Paisley Silk Tie Navy $173

The Dark Knot Cernobbio Silk Tie Paisley


The Cernobbio tie is a rich silk in a neutral color, woven with a dotted paisley design. This combination creates a dexterous visual. This style of tie is great for men who sport striped shirts often and are looking for a contrasting piece with out being too overpowering.

8. Tom Ford, Silk Tie Black/Grey $270


Tom Ford Silk Tie Grey



This tie tackles a new spin on houndstooth. Made from a silk twill with a jacquard woven check pattern through out. When selecting a patterned tie, depth and dimension in the design are key factors. With the composure of a vintage pattern, and a dexterous weave for a modern man, this tie is the perfect balance for business or formal wear. Crafted in Italy. 100% Silk. 


9. Zegna, 5 Fold Silk Tie Purple $310

Zegna 5 Fold Silk Tie Purple


This tie is woven from glossy purple threads, giving it a rich and luminous shine. This tie is adorned with an intricate geometric pattern that almost resembles the face of an orchid, further complimented by the bright color and white detailing. The navy leaning shade of the base pulls it all together, and makes it excellent for day or business wear. Made in Italy from 100% silk.

10.The Dark Knot, Domaso Grenadine Red $216


The Domaso is the standalone grenadine tie in this list, and for good reason. This tie goes above and beyond in materials, and pulls its dynamism from the intricate complexities of its weave, rather than from a colored pattern. A grenadine tie is the perfect pairing for your next cocktail.  Available in a variety of other colors, we chose this ox blood red for its bright yet composed color. 100% Silk. 

And that's all she wrote for now. Until next year, we hope you enjoyed our curated selection of luxury men's ties for 2022. 

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