Coming full circle with The Fab Five

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Sports on a fashion blog! Sacreligious! Ohio State fans, be thankful it wasn’t you.  Discard this as a pop up if you must.  But with Michigan’s improbable rally over Kansas earlier today, we have indeed come full circle with the Fab Five era.  An era that pioneered swagger, aggressiveness and a never say die attitude.  All you have to do is look at the second half of the game, and most importantly, the final few seconds.  Burke stepped up.  He believed.  He knew.  That – is what you call Swagger my friends.  And that, more than anything, is what we are championing at SuitUpDressUp.   They embraced flash and creativity, both on and off the court.  Their fashion was symbolic of their attitude.  That is an attitude we want to develop on this portal.

The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

I can list all the tenets of men’s fashion.  I can try and replicate the holy grail of men’s formal wear clothing.  It all means nothing if you don’t have swagger.  Develop it.  Nurture it.  Hone it.  All you have to do, again, is look at Trey Burke’s final seconds in regulation.  He has it.  He had it then.  He wore it on his sleeve.  Wear it on yours.  No pun intended.

Enough said

Enough said

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