What color shoes do I wear with my suits?

Posted by Rishi Chullani on

As if selecting the right suit, shirt, tie and belt were not difficult enough, I now have to pick what shoes to wear!  Damn I have it difficult.  Look guys, we know this question keeps us up most nights, and is a perennial source of contention – but this succinct advice below should clear up all doubts and never have you leaving home questioning your sense of style or flair ever again!  Unless of course, you want people to say this:


Otherwise, go with the following advice:

  • Pair black suits with black shoes
  • Grey suits with black or camel shoes
  • Brown suits with brown or camel shoes
  • Navy suits with black, camel or tan shoes

And there you have it.  You never have to worry about flirting with disaster the next time you leave your house!

What color shoes do you typically like to wear with your suits?

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