4 Tips to Transition your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

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The transition from Winter to Spring can literally be as drastic as going to bed in Fargo and waking up in West Palm Beach.  It’s drastic, and while you may eagerly anticipate those sunny days to soak in, exercise and ‘people watch’, the clothing habits that have been ingrained for the last several months have to be quickly unlearned.  Else you will stick out as sorely as Kim Kardashian at a Math Olympiad.  And yes, while us sartorialists do like to embark on the process of rebellion every now and then, very few of us, outside of Chuck Norris, actually enjoy it night in night out.  Myself included.  So without further ado, here are our top pointers for somewhat seamlessly integrating the sun into your life while you punt out the winter with more aggression than in years past:

1.       Include pastel colors in your Spring Wardrobe

Fall and Winter Seasons naturally lend to darker, earth tones such as browns, olive greens and mustard yellows.  Charcoal  grey’s never hurt anybody either.  With less sunshine, more foliage and colder conditions, these ‘darker’ colors lend well to the colder months of the year and actually add a very discernable level of sophistication to your ensemble.  Not so much in the Spring.  As blossom outgrows foliage and colors turn brighter, Spring and Summer months are about reintroducing pastels into our Wardrobes.  And yes, real men do wear pink.  If you don’t believe me, experiment.  I once did, and never looked back.

During winter months, even accessories such as ties, socks and pocket squares get darker, and most coats are offered in black, charcoal grey, brown or a deep navy.  With the adoption of lighter colors during the Spring Season, you can modify your attire accordingly.  Not comfortable with a light blue shirt and lilac tie right away?  Slowly transitioning with lighter colored accessories and then the rest of your ensemble is a great way to embrace Spring / Summer months.

Animal Print Tie collection for Spring

The Dark Knot’s Animal Print collection is a great addition to any Spring Wardrobe!

2.  Embrace lighter fabrics such as cotton, linen and seersucker during Spring Months

Accompanying lighter colors during Spring and Summer months often comes lighter fabrics such as cotton, linen and seersucker.  While most of us are used to the notion of wearing woolen suits to work, and hence find embracing cotton or linen suits at work rather difficult, modifications through accessories is a great place to start.  Ties, pocket squares, socks and sweaters are all great places to introduce a bit of spring flavor without sacrificing comfort or wearability.  With ties, a switch to linens from heavier fabrics can always be made.  Spring linen ties in general, are more recommended for casual wear out at night or for a spring / summer wedding, as colors tend to be brighter.  Ditto for madras cotton.

Madras Cotton Tie with a Seersucker Suit

A casual look with lighter fabrics – a Madras Cotton Tie with a Seersucker Suit!

3. Layering with lighter fabrics during the Spring

During the winter months, you can conceivably get away with (most of us wouldn’t attempt this) with an ensemble not coordinated with your outer coat as most over it is covered up.  Risk doing that during Spring and you will be completely exposed.  Hence, layering during the Spring months, as is the case during the Fall, can be a strong testament to your fashion sensibilities.  Spring layering should be approached in the same vein as your color coordination, with spring colors and possibly materials.  Depending on where you are located, the beginning of the spring season can be accompanied with scarves and sweaters (if you’re French, year round, but that can have a whole other blog dedicated to it!), whereas getting closer to the middle of the spring means just a jacket or outer layer.

fabrics during the Spring

While this guy looks like he is from New Jersey, this look can certainly be pulled off with confidence!

4. Wear Pink during the Spring!

Few things testify to manhood like Pink does.  Embrace it.  Wear it.  Enjoy it.  Just ask Craig Sager. After all, it’s him who ‘American Idol’ was named after, wasn’t it?

Wear Pink during the Spring

Craig Sager, as always, showing us what it really means to be a MAN! Sweeeetness!

And that’s a wrap for this one! I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing it!

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