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Given that Pocket Squares have taken our men’s fashion revolution by storm, it is worth examining their fabric construct in greater detail.  While many sites (including ours) out there discuss the merits of wearing a pocket square and how to mix and match them with different suit, shirt and tie color and pattern combinations, very few have covered reasons for using different fabrics.  With that said, here is The Dark Knot’s Pocket Square Fabric Guide.


Silk, similar to its accessories counterpart, the necktie, is by far the most prevalent fabric used for pocket square construction.  Given that the modern sartorially inclined individual is going beyond color and pattern and now paying attention to fabric, it comes as no surprise that gentlemen today are mixing and matching fabrics for textural variation.

Just as silk neckties perfectly adorn a gorgeous woolen suit, so do pocket squares.  With a sheen that is accompanied with both woven and printed silk variants, the silk pocket square is the perfect addition to your formal ensemble if you are looking to elevate your dapper game.

Where the silk square lacks is that the edges are not stiff, given the nature of the fabric.  As such, silk pocket squares tend to work best with puff folds i.e where the pocket square’s aesthetic  is exposed when pinched upward from the middle and inserted into the suit jacket’s breast pocket.

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Silk Pocket Squares

Silk Pocket Squares are elegantly used when paired with a silk tie and woolen suit. However, given their softer edges, they are best used with a puff fold.


While a silk necktie and accompanying silk pocket square exhibits an extremely elegant look, adding in a cotton pocket square to match the shirt fabric of a typical suit ensemble is a great way to draw extra attention to the tie!  At the same time, the stiffer edges of the pocket square will allow more peaked folds that will add a sense of dapper and understated elegance to your outfit.

cotton pocket square

Cotton Pocket Squares can add textural variation and depth to a suit! Their stiffer edges allow for more fancy folds with corners and edges exposed.

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Linen Pocket Squares

Linen Pocket squares fall somewhere in between cotton and silk.  The rigidity of their edges resembles that of cotton, but they are supple enough to look fantastic with even a puff fold.  Furthermore, they will add textural variation to your dapper woolen suit ensemble, bringing a layer of textural variation and depth that few of your peers will have!

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Linen Pocket Squares

Linen Pocket Squares add a fantastic element of textural variation to a suit! Given that the fabric stiffness falls somewhere in between cotton and silk, they can be used to great effect with a puff fold where the edges are exposed!  Perfect for an ideal look!

As we have stated before, it is best if you do not match your pocket square exactly to your tie.  Pocket squares add an element of sophistication to your outfit, and are best used with colors that complement, but do not exactly match your ties.  While silk is a natural selection for many a dapper individual, the addition of cotton and linen pocket squares will add textural variation and intrigue to your outfit.  Above all, have fun strutting your pocket squares!

And that's a wrap for this one! I hope that you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!

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