Top 7 things to do with a necktie

Posted by Rishi Chullani on

Well ladies and gents.  Of course we can wear ties.  They’ve been around for hundreds of years.  But sometimes, that’s just flat out boring.  Instead, we’ve created a healthy alternative list of 7 things to do with a necktie that are sure to spice up your life in some ways, and let you live fantasy roles in ways you never imagined (and no, men, I am not referring to the obvious that crosses our minds with respect to said topic).

1.  Wrap it around your forehead and crane kick JohnnyOr anyone for that matter.

2.  Choke your boss. More than once.  And don’t feel embarrassed if your boss is sitting next to you while you are reading this article.  Show it to them.  Chances are, they feel the same about their boss.  And if they happen to be the CEO.  Well, they’ll feel that way about their entire Board of Directors.  You get the point.

3.  Wear a tie around your head and just go nuts. Like Rambo.

4.  Keep one entire tie around your waist as Copperfield saws you in half. Expertly

5.  Pretend to be serious about a tug of war. Use a necktie. And then let go.  Classic!


6.  Choke your husband. If he doesn’t listen, choke him again.

7.  This is the only one that actually involves wearing a tie. Dress like Craig Sager.

Which alternative use of a necktie is your favorite?  Would love to hear your opinions, or any other necktie use suggestions that you may have!

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