Kingsman: The Secret Service revives the double breasted suit

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Manners Maketh Man.  So do clothes apparently.  And while the film’s lead, Colin Firth, poignantly attributed to that incontrovertible fact in the movie, he did not surmise it so succinctly as ‘manners maketh man’.  Granted, I saw this movie slightly late, but you know that repurcussions on the fashion landscape from this spy induced action flick will be monumental.  So much so that Mr. Porter has exclusively created a line of clothing in relation to this film.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a film about top level British Spies that use Kingsman’s Tailoring Boutique as their homebase for carrying out a myriad of covert operations.  The cinematography is slick, the action sequences are outlandish (but undeniably fun) and the clothing is downright snazzy.  For all us sartorialists out there, not much harm can be done in turning to this movie for fashion inspiration.

As Galahad (Firth’s lead role) so eloquently states: “The suit is a modern gentleman’s armour.  And the Kingsman agents are the new Knights.”

Kingsman has expertly brought the double breasted suit back into the limelight, using Colin Firth’s lean frame as a canvas for showcasing what was, and still is, elegant clothing.  Double Breasted Suits look best on leaner men, as the modern suit variant is cut shorter, with softer shoulder pads and higher arm holes, to create a minimalist look.  

Colin Firth’s Double Breasted Pinstripe Suit below with a classically striped tie and a white pocket square with a presidential / square fold is the ultimate elegant look.  While the colors and patterns may not be bold, the simplicity, elegance and fit of the ensemble speak to a certain sense of dapper.

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double breasted suit

In the second image below, Colin Firth is strutting a solid light grey double breasted suit with a plain white pocket square in a presidential / square fold and what appears to be a pin dotted navy tie.  While we advocate mixing and matching two patterns with one solid if you have the bravado and acquired taste to do so, nothing says conventional dapper more than one pattern with two solids, as evidenced below.

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double breasted suit with a plain white pocket square

So, if you are man of leaner stature, the next time you are looking to dress modern minimalist with a traditional bent, look no further than Kingsman: The Secret Service,  the movie that has revived a classic timepiece, the double breasted suit.

And that's a wrap for this one! I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article as much as I have enjoyed writing it! 

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