9 considerations for your man's wedding suit

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Just when you thought you couldn’t wait any longer, he revived your faith in your relationship and did what every true, committed gentleman does: he proposed.  Salutations flew in left, right and center, and you were giddy from that unparalleled high.  It seemed like it would last forever.  Until wedding planning kicked in, and it morphed into an exciting, yet nervous ball of energy as the two of you (primarily you!) started executing on wedding planning.  And you realized it was a whole lot of work.  You knew it would be tough.  But not this much work!  

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In our most recently guest blog post for Burnett's Boards, we are here to help you alleviate some of that stress by helping yourself and your fiancee choose that perfect wedding suit, so that years from now, when you are flicking through photography from that privileged day, you will once again be able to smile as profoundly and with the same warmth that you did on the actual wedding day itself.  After all, it’s what all brides to be want, isn’t it?

Burnett's Boards is a leading wedding inspiration and resource website that is definitely worth checking out! I highly encourage it!

In our guest blog post, we delve into the following nine areas that will help yourself and your fiancee choose the perfect wedding suit:

  1. Ensuring that his wedding day attire is in sync with your dress, and hence the theme and color choice of your wedding.
  2. Deciding whether to Buy versus to Rent (as you will see, buying is a better long term investment!).
  3. Finding the right tailor for his custom suit or tuxedo!
  4. Ensuring that the fit of the Suit / Tuxedo meets exacting Bespoke Standards.
  5. Formalness level (Black Tie vs Semi-Formal / Casual)
  6. Wedding Venue (City Wedding vs Country Wedding vs Beach)
  7. Seasonal Considerations (Spring/Summer vs Fall Winter) and Time of Day (Morning / Night)
  8. Your Fiancée’s body type.
  9. Accessories considerations.

Hope you enjoy reading it!: http://burnettsboards.com/2015/06/ultimate-guide-dressing-guy/

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