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Fall has fallen, and that means you can put away those short shorts and short sleeved button ups and start dressing yourself a bit fancier. Fall is one of those seasons that just evokes certain colors that you wouldn’t wear during other seasons. Just like the pastels of spring, with fall comes darker and more unique colors that can be very fun to play around with.

Fall also means that you have a lot more opportunities to add layers to a variety of outfits. In this article we’ll look at a few trends to keep an eye out for during this season and how to dress in the spirit of the season. These men’s formal fall trends will have you feeling cosier than a pumpkin spice latte and should put an end to all those jokes about you celebrating Halloween all season long. So, without further ado, here is our guide to Men’s Formal Wear Fall Trends:


The best thing about fall fashion is that it allows you to start layering up. No matter where you live fall means that things get a bit cooler, usually enough to warrant an extra layer. This is where your fashionable self can really shine through. Depending on the region and your office’s dress code what that extra layer will be can vary, but there are a few layers that have really become trendy recently and would be perfect candidates for your new fall look.

For those in more relaxed office situations there is nothing cooler right now than the shirt and tie with a leather jacket over it. The leather jacket is the epitome of casual cool and the tie will give the whole outfit an air of professionalism and formality; a perfect fashionable contrast. This style obviously isn’t for those that need to wear a suit jacket to work, but otherwise the leather jacket is a classic enough style that you can certainly wear it to most offices.

If you are going to try this look out, opt for a slimmer tie and something like a knit or textured tie if you have it in order to cause some contrast between the smooth leather and the tie. This look also works great with the addition of a tie bar for an added sense of adventure. One thing to remember is to make sure that if your shoes or belt are leather that the colors or grains all match as well.

Leather Jacket with Knitted Tie

A Leather Jacket with a Knitted Tie is a great look for less formal office settings.  Courtesy of

For those in colder regions or with more formal office cultures one of the biggest garments making a comeback recently is the topcoat. A short tailored topcoat in a neutral color that matches or doesn’t clash with most of your suits is a great way to keep out the cold of those early morning commutes while making you look good while it does. Topcoats vary in style but you want yours to match the lines of your suit jacket for the most part aside from extending further.

The trend at the moment is for the coat to not extend much further than the knee so keep the length of the jacket in mind when making your purchase. The topcoat should show off a high quality tie which will contrast nicely between the heavier textures of the coat. The topcoat can also be put to work as you get closer to winter with the addition of a scarf, hat and gloves.

Top Coat with Tie

A Topcoat with a tie is a dapper look for the Fall & Winter months!  Courtesy of

The Colors of Fall

In the fall there are a few colors and fabrics that really begin to shine. The cooler weather has people searching for heavier fabrics while at the same time the world is changing color around you. Oranges and greens are the colors of the season and green has become a particularly in style color this season. Flannels and plaids are also the big fabrics and patterns that shine during the fall, but showing off your seasonal style is all about how you wear them.

The best way to use the deep colors and shades of fall are to pair them with deep neutral tones in order to not make them seem out of place. Colors like hunter green and pumpkin orange are best used in more subtle understated ways to show some seasonal spirit without wearing a tie with pumpkins all over it. The easiest place to add this subtle hint of color is in fact with a tie. Wearing a deep shade of mustard or cranberry will call attention to the colors of the leaves while at the same time not being over the top.

Knitted Tie Mustard Yellow Winter Season

A Knitted Tie with Mustard Yellow is a great look during the Fall  Season!  Courtesy of

Every so often in fall somebody tries to be a little too adventurous and wear their flannel shirt with a tie in order to push the envelope and bring in a seasonal fabric. While it may be warm the flannel shirt is simply not meant for a tie. Ties need to be worn with more structured shirts and the look will seem very unprofessional and your collar will constantly be awry. The best way to bring the flannel fabric into formal wear is to opt for flannel suits or to wear a tie with flannel in it. Flannel suits and ties will give off a great look of texture and most often come in plaid, the pattern of the season.

 Flannel Suit

A Flannel Suit can add panache to your Fall Attire!  Courtesy of

Fall is one of the greatest months for fashion, because depending on your location you can really experiment and layer a lot of different textures and colors for various effects. Winter is often stifling in many regions because of the bundling up that tends to be necessary, but fall lets you showcase things like a slim tie underneath an opened leather jacket or a deep mustard yellow tie against a navy topcoat.

And that's a wrap for this one!  What are your favorite fall trends? We would love to read your comments below!

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