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Yep, you did it.  You popped the question- AND SHE SAID YES.  How exciting.  Now comes the stressful part, planning the actual party.  Weddings are tough – dressing for them even tougher.  Especially when they are your own.  You have so many other responsibilities, how do you make time to look great?

Well, we have made it easier for you.  Finally you don’t have to compromise your exquisite style to fall in line with a chosen color scheme that you have nothing to compliment.

Whether you are in the process of choosing the color scheme that works best for your big day or trying to find something that fits into a pre-planned color scheme, we can help.  Below are twelve sample color schemes and the accessories that are the most appropriate for each. 

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The French Countryside Color Scheme

Courtesy of www.bridalbusings.com


Pink Silk Tie Countryside WeddingCountryside Tie Bar








1. Danville Paisley Light Pink Silk Tie.

2. Norfolk Copper Stainless Steel Tie Bar.

This beautiful, elegant scheme is very popular with the classic crowd – for good reason.  It epitomizes the delicate and genuine feeling of love.  Our Danville Paisley silk tie topped off with our Norfolk Copper tie bar is the perfect way to fit in (and stand out) on your big day.  Pair this beautiful necktie with a solid white shirt and a solid charcoal grey suit.

The Tropicana Color Scheme

Courtesy of www.internationalweddinginstitute.com

Green Silk Tie Tropical WeddingPink Lapel Flower Tropical Wedding

1. Nantucket Fish Green / Blue Printed Silk Tie.

2. Camden Pink Lapel Flower.

Not only is the Tropicana combination one of the most fun color schemes that we are seeing this year, it is also one of the most beautiful.  Classic pinks and greens collide to give your big day a warm, tropical feeling – perfect for the newlyweds heading out for the islands!  If this is the scheme that you choose be sure to grab a few of our Nantucket Fish Green/Blue ties and Camden Pink lapel flowers for yourself and all of your groomsmen.  This combination is best paired with a solid white shirt and either a solid navy blue or charcoal grey suit.

Lavender and Lilac

Courtesy of www.dessy.com

Lilac Silk Tie WeddingLilac Silk Tie Wedding

1. Meriden Lilac Silk Tie.

2. Wilmington Abstract Lilac / Purple Foulard Silk Tie.

Cool colors like lilac and lavender create a cool and relaxed feel for your guests – it is no wonder that these are perfect for summer weddings!  There is also no reason for you, the groom, to feel like you have to wear something that you do not like.  Try out our Meriden Lilac tie, or perhaps our Wilmington Abstract in lilac – mix and match the two for yourself and groomsmen to out show the bridesmaids.  Plus, these ties are great all year long – making them both perfect for your wedding and practical to gift.  To complete this look, opt for a solid white or grey shirt and a solid charcoal grey or navy blue suit.

Wedding Ties from The Dark Knot

Marsala and Gold

  Marsala Color Scheme Wedding

Courtesy of www.orchidevents.co.uk

Red Silk Tie WeddingCream, Orange & Brown Silk Pocket Square, Wedding

1. Darien Red Silk Tie.

2. Cooperstown Cream / Brown / Orange Silk Pocket Square

This may very well be my favorite color scheme of all time – how rich!  Deep reds mix around elegant shades of orange, yellow and gold creating a vibrant and romantic scene.  If you are considering these beautiful colors, be sure to check out our Darien Red silk tie, which pairs masterfully with our Cooperstown Paisley pocket square.  We recommend a classic white shirt paired with an elegant solid charcoal grey or black suit to complete this look.

The Elegant Seaside Color Scheme

Seaside Wedding

Courtesy of www.fabmood.com

Pink Striped Skinny Silk Tie Seaside WeddingSolid Pink Silk Tie Seaside Wedding

1. Avon Stripes Pink / Blue / Silver Skinny Silk Tie.

2. Salisbury Pink Silk Tie.

Blush and Rose Gold

Beach weddings are timeless and they are always beautiful.  They are such an obvious choice for those who find tranquility there.  The subtle sound of waves, the soft breeze and fresh scent, perfect.  For those of you finding yourselves by the sea for your big day, we recommend a combination of our Salisbury Pink and Avon Stripes for yourself and groomsmen.  For suiting, we recommend a solid light pink, light blue or white shirt paired with a solid charcoal grey or navy suit.

Blush & Rose Gold Wedding

Courtesy of www.ivoryandrose.co.uk

Pink Silk Tie Blush & Rose WeddingCream Lapel Flower Blush & Rose Wedding

1. Salisbury Pink Silk Tie

2. Camden Cream Lapel Flower.

Is there anything more beautiful than a delicate pairing of blush and rose gold?  Probably not the most masculine thing that I could have said – but it is true.  The setting for this color scheme is both relaxing and radiates with warm love, making it a perfect choice for summer brides.  If these colors epitomize your big day, our Salisbury pink tie paired with our Camden cream lapel flower is perfect for you!  These two pieces set against either a white or very light grey shirt with either white or grey suiting is sure to impress your guests.

Wedding Lapel Flowers from The Dark Knot

The Mint Sorbet Color Scheme

Mint Sorbet Wedding

Courtesy of www.pinterest.com

Coral Foulard Silk Tie WeddingsCream Lapel Flower Weddings

1. Darien Novelty Squares Coral / Pink / Silver Foulard Silk Tie.

2. Marblehead Cream Lapel Flower.

A quirky combination of greens, pinks and golds come together to create this timeless combination – perfect for spring and summer weddings.  Do not take the easy way out for this one.  We recommend our Darien Novelty Squares Coral tie with our Marblehead Cream lapel flower to be sure that you and your guys are looking great for your big day.  This combination pairs best with a solid white or light blue or turquoise shirt and grey suiting. 

The Botanist Color Scheme

Botanist Wedding Colors

Courtesy of www.bridalmusings.com

Lilac & Purple Floral Striped Silk Tie WeddingsPink Paisley Silk Tie Wedding

1. Woodbridge Purple / Lilac Regimental Striped Silk Tie.

2. Danville Paisley Light Pink Silk Tie

Spring outdoor wedding?  These colors are for you.  A delicate pairing of nature’s most beautiful hues coming together to create a soft and tranquil atmosphere that is perfectly cohesive to your natural surroundings.  We recommend a combination for our Woodbridge Regimental Stripes in lilac and our Danville Paisley in light pink for you and your guys.  For suiting, we recommend a classic combination of white shirts and charcoal grey or navy blue suiting.

Poppy and Coral

Poppy & Coral Wedding

Courtesy of www.brideclubme.com

Coral Silk Tie WeddingCream Lapel Flower WeddingCoral Lapel Flower


1. Darmouth Abstract Coral / Silver / Grey Silk Tie.

2. Marblehead Cream Lapel Flower.

3. Marblehead Coral Lapel Flower. 

Want to go bold, but not 100% red?  This combination is for you.  A delicate balance of deep reds with soft pinks and corals give off a powerfully sweet vibe for your guests.  Treat yourself and groomsmen to our Dartmouth Abstract Coral tie paired with a combination of our Marblehead coral and cream lapel flowers for your best look.  Wear charcoal grey suiting with solid white or light pink shirts to finish this look properly.

Pocket Squares from The Dark Knot

The Classic Vintage Color Scheme

Vintage Wedding Colors

Courtesy of www.sarahsflowers.co.uk

Cream Lapel Flower WeddingsGold & Silver Tie Bar Weddings

1. Camden Cream Lapel Flower.

2. Dalton Gold / Silver Stainless Steel Tie Bar.

The classic vintage look is timeless, which is why we see it continuously throughout time.  Its elegance and sheer delicacy come together to relay feelings of intimacy and relaxation for all of your attendees.  Should you decide to go this route, we recommend first choosing a neutral tie and then pairing it with our elegant Camden cream lapel flower and Dalton gold and silver tie bar.  A tie bar is something that you do not want to forget in this classic theme.  Classic suiting works best for this theme, be sure to opt for classic neutrals like white, charcoal grey, and blue.

Dusty Blue and Gold

Dusty Blue Wedding Colors

Courtesy of www.theweddingblissthailand.com

Light Blue Silk Tie Seaside WeddingLight Pink Lapel Flower Seaside WeddingTurquoise Lapel Flower Seaside Wedding

1. Somerset Light Blue Silk Tie.

2. Marblehead Light Pink Lapel Flower.

3. Marblehead Turquoise Lapel Flower.

Another great seaside color combination is dusty blue and gold.  To perfectly compliment your bride and her bridesmaids in this combination, grab you and your guys our Somerset blue tie and a combination of Marblehead light pink and turquoise lapel flowers.  These look great paired with solid white or light blue shirts and charcoal grey or navy suiting.

The Classic 1930s Color Scheme

1930's Wedding Colors

Courtesy of www.bridalmusings.com

Pink & Blue Skinny Striped Silk Tie WeddingGold Stainless Steel Tie Bar Wedding

1. Avon Stripes Pink / Blue / Silver Skinny Silk Tie.

2. Suffolk Gold Stainless Steel Tie Bar.

Nothing quite exemplifies elegance like the romantic colors of the 1930s.  A delicate and soft combination of silky pinks, silvers and blues come together to create a look and feel unlike any other.  Really consider the way that your clothes are tailored for this look – step outside of the box.  When you find yourself wearing the best-cuffed suit known to man, top it off with our Avon Stripes skinny tie and Suffolk gold tie bar.  We recommend sticking with classic colors for suiting, to fully exemplify the timeless aesthetic.

Not seeing your colors?  No problem.  Feel free to contact us any time for advice for your big day. 

Tie Bars from The Dark Knot

The best part about The Dark Knot’s accessories?  Not only are they of the highest quality, but they come packaged in a ready-to-gift hard box so that your groomsmen gifts are taken care of.  With our wide range of designs and patterns, any accessory that you choose will be appropriate time and time again.

Please feel free to view The Dark Knot Entire Range of Wedding Ties.

Please feel free to check out The Dark Knot's exquisite range of Linen & Silk Pocket Squares.

Looking to spice up your wedding ensembles? Check out our exquisite range of Lapel Flowers!

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