Three Essential Sports Jackets Every Gentleman Should Own

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Jackets are one of the most important pieces in the modern man's wardrobe. Adding a jacket over a shirt and pant combination can quickly and easily turn a casual look into business casual or add an element of pizzaz to a cocktail party outfit. However, using the wrong jacket at the wrong time is a common error and one that can make you look out of place. Fashion is about standing out. However, you want to stand out in an appropriate way. This guide to the three types of sport jackets and when to use them will direct you towards the correct choice every time to ensure you are properly dressed for any event.

Core Piece - Navy Blazer

The first type of sports jacket is called the core piece. Rather than an actual sports jacket, this is normally a blazer. There are a few key differences between the two. Firstly, a blazer does not have a pattern to it. Texture in the weave of the fabric is fine but there should be no definite pattern. Secondly, many blazers have metal buttons. This distinguishes it from a sports jacket and demonstrates you are not wearing a suit jacket with an off-color pant. Lastly, blazers generally have less structure to them than suits do, however, they are not an unstructured/soft shoulder jacket.

Sports Jacket vs Suit vs Blazer

 Blazers have less structure than a suit but more structure than a sports jacket, making them ideal for business settings!

The core piece should be a navy blazer. The navy blazer can be paired with a variety of pants, including grey, blue, and brown. This is your ‘go-to’ jacket. When a suit is too formal but a jacket is required your core piece should be something you can grab from the closet independent of the other attire you are wearing. Thus, a no-pattern plain color blazer is ideal and will make for easy pairing and professional looks.

The blazer is often worn in a business setting as it is a step down from a suit but a step up from a sports jacket. Make sure that you don’t neglect the other pieces of your outfit and read the previous article for inspiration!

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Navy Blazer

A Navy Blazer, with a knitted tie and white pocket square, makes for an incredibly dapper yet casual look! Courtesy of

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Everyday Sports Jacket - Conservative + Color!

A conservative jacket is the next piece to add to your wardrobe. Similar to the core piece, however, we are transitioning towards more fashionable garbs with more color and pattern. If the core piece is your ‘go-to’ this is your ‘everyday’ jacket. Men need a core blazer as it is a traditional jacket that will never really be out of place. In contrast, the conservative jacket is the modern man’s everyday jacket

Since fashion is not as pigeon-holed as it once was, the modern man has much more flexibility when it comes to combining color and pattern. The conservative jacket focuses on adding another element to the overall look without the jacket being the main focus. This jacket is to be worn at any time. Utilize it in a more fashionable setting at a wedding or dress it more formally at the office. The conservative jacket is a garment that has extreme versatility and will serve the modern gentlemen well in all settings and for all occasions.

There are three different jackets you should have the fall under this umbrella. The modern man's wardrobe should contain at least one conservative jacket in the main three color tones - a grey, a blue, and a brown. The important element of these jackets is to have some pattern and color without it being too bold or restrictive. This is a bit of an nondescript definition. Yet, this allows you more creative freedom and flexibility in selecting these pieces.

The pattern of 2017 is undoubtedly the windowpane check so having a jacket with this pattern guarantees you are up to date. An easy example of a conservative jacket wardrobe would be as follows: blue windowpane check, grey plaid, brown glen check. Ensuring that your wardrobe has one of each will make pairing a jacket with any business appropriate outfit relatively simple as depending on the patterns and colors used you can select between your three conservative jackets or one of your two core pieces.

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Blue Windowpane Blazer

A blue windowpane blazer with an exquisite shirt and tie combination provides for an incredibly suave and sophisticated look! Courtesy of

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Fashionable Jacket

Finally, we come to the fashion jackets. This is where you have freedom to fully express yourself and your style. There are no rules in regards to these jackets. Go bold! Mix patterns, fabrics, and colors.

The fashion jacket is one that will be worn less. Therefore feel free to go with a higher quality wool. Since this jacket won’t see the same wear and tear that your core and conservative jackets will a super 130-150 jacket will give you more comfort and style without sacrificing the life of the jacket.

Visit your local bespoke tailor where you can pick some unique elements of your jacket. Go with peak lapels, a ticket pocket, or off-color button holes to personalize your jacket and make it one-of-a-kind. Remember, this is the jacket for weddings, christmas parties, and cocktail parties. It should stand out and be something that is remembered without being audacious.

Fashionable Sports Jacket

A fashionable Sports Jacket with detailed finishing is something every gentleman should consider adding to their wardrobe! Courtesy of

Now that you know the three types of sport jackets, make sure your closet has at least one of each. This will ensure that you are prepared for any occasion and that your wardrobe will make you stand out in a positive way. A well-dressed man has an advantage in many aspects of life. Go grocery shopping with jacket on instead of a t-shirt and notice the difference in how you are treated. To conclude, take pride in knowing that your closet is up-to-date and has no glaring holes.

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