Geometric Foulard Ties

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Abstract and Foulard Ties 

Abstract and foulard ties are classic and appropriate in almost any situation. 

Foulard ties, are by definition, neat geometric repeating patterned ties. They are great for business settings and formal occasions. With the right pattern and coloring, these designs can also be great for less formal attire. Abstract tie patterns also fall into this category.

Foulard ties are most notably recognized by their small-scale patterns. So for example, instead of a large polka dot pattern, a foulard would showcase a tiny pin dot pattern. 

If your shirt pattern is small scale, you can opt for a bold, patterned foulard tie. Doing so adds interest and shows off your pattern matching sophistication!

Not sure of exactly what you’re looking for?  Simply use the sorting options above to filter by occasion, color, and/or matching attire to find the perfect abstract or foulard tie.