Choosing a Wedding Tie

So you popped the question with admitted nervousness and she managed to say yes.  Yet, you are feeling more uncertain post than pre proposal, because you are completely flabbergasted as to what to wear to your wedding.

Taking the next logical step in a complex series of events, you make a trip to the local tailor, and get fitted for a suave wool, or if summer, linen suit for your wedding.  The fit is perfect, or close to it anyway.  The jacket looks like its been poured over your shoulders, and as an extension of that, the rest of the way down your torso.  It really has been made specifically for you.  Except, there is one incidental that has not been attended to.  What necktie do you wear for your wedding?

Of course, just as with all matters style and fashion, the answer is never set in stone.  Is it a day time or evening wedding?  What is the color of her gown? (And yes, mention to her that you want your tie matching her gown, if not displaying elements of it, and you’ve earned massive brownie points). Here is a guide to choosing a wedding tie.

Evening Weddings

Providing you are getting married in the evening, a darker colored solid tie or patterned / abstract tie with a subtle design will most likely do the trick.  If you can incorporate all of that while matching a tie to your bride’s gown, or incorporating color elements of her gown in your tie, you will be sure to stand out and look elegant as a couple. 

Wearing a solid tie is a way to ensure that your bride, who will no doubt look stunning in her evening gown, take center stage.  You can pick one of our solids from below:

As mentioned above, an alternative to a solid tie is to wear a subtly designed patterned / abstract tie.  Single Tone ties usually work well in this regard, as a lack of contrast between two necktie colors will leave you carrying an air of muted sophistication, something you most likely want to achieve so as to look appropriately dressed while allowing her to enjoy her special day.

Wedding Ties from The Dark Knot


Another option you can exercise is to select a tie that matches your metallic accessories i.e belts and cufflinks.  A great option here would be to wear a solid or subtly patterned grey necktie.

Grey Foulard Silk Tie

Day Time Wedding

For a day time wedding, you can try our lighter colored solids, such as ours from the above collection, or alternatively, opt for a more cheerful tie such as one of our animal prints.  Animal motif prints are a great way to inject personality and color into your wedding function!

And that's a wrap for this one! I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article as much as I have had writing it!

Feel free to check out The Dark Knot's collection of ties specifically suited for weddings here

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