Ties for different work events

So we know how to mix and match ties based on color and pattern, but how do we discern an appropriate type of tie based on occasion?  This is something that has beffudled many a gentleman, even those of the more sartorially inclined nature.  So let’s put to rest men’s wardrobe issues that have haunted us in years past and look at ties for different work events:

At an interview

While you want to be at your best during an interview, with respect to dress, behavior, etiquette and preparation, it is best to err on the side of caution when sifting through your collection for the right type of tie.  To play it safe, keep your outfit to two solids and a pattern or two patterns and a solid.  Mixing and matching of three pattern requires more skill and can often be described as an art, an ‘art’ would you best have left at home when trying to secure that all important job! 

An example of what would work well is donning a solid blue or navy blue tie against a striped shirt.  Alternatively, one could opt for a striped blue tie against a solid shirt.  When confusion regarding shirt color arises, white is always your safest option as you can pair virtually any tie with a white shirt, though keep in mind that neutral (grey’s, burgundy’s) etc and darker colors will contrast best against a white shirt versus pastel colors such as lilac and pink.  



At the Job

While many a man would be inclined to dress conservatively at work, the sartorially inclined gentleman (i.e visitors to this site!) would be willing to adopt an element of boldness by mixing and matching colors and patterns outside of the conservative realm. 

Strutting a tie that pops right off your shirt could attract attention and really make you stand out.  So, how about trying to dispense with some of your navy blues, add some flair with a pink striped tie or coral colored ties. 

Alternatively, a colorful abstract tie with a lilac or coral colored theme will leave you looking dapper beyond imagination.  And to up your game even further, check out an animal motif print tie, such as the one’s here at The Dark Knot.  Animal motif print ties will add significant color to your ensemble, only giving away the design pattern upon closer inspection.


For an Important Presentation

When dressing for an important presentation, the tendency to err on the side of caution usually kicks in, and most men set back to their default mode of a navy or red tie.  Instead, why not use your presentation to showcase your style in addition to your topic expertise?  Try on a colorful abstract tie to really stand out!



For a networking event

As is the case with other occasions listed above, many a man defaults to conservative mode at networking events, preferring to play it safe with a striped blue or solid red tie.  However, anything resembling mainstream will have you looking like the rest.  If you do want to stand out from the crowd (which I’m assuming you do), why not opt for a brighter colored tie such as coral or a lilac abstract, or one of our animal print motif ties?


The Dark Knot animal motif print ties

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