Types of Tie Knots

As prevalent a question as ‘what Tie should I buy?’ is the confusion over ‘What type of Tie knot do I wear?’.  Below are three different types of tie knots. After all, a knot can attest to your personality, and a well constructed, thick, rich knot can speak volumes about your sense of style and dapper-ism (if that is a word). You get the drift.  That knot matters.  Alot.

Four In Hand Knot

The four in hand is alternatively known as the ‘simple’ knot, for no reason other than its sheer simplicity with regard to construction.  The tie knot produced by this method is on the narrow side, slightly asymmetric and appropriate for most occasions.  The four in hand knot is best worn with a straight / narrow point collar, for aesthetic purposes.  Hence, this knot usually goes best with men who have shorter necks or are on the heavier side, and are trying to reduce perceived horizontal lines and elongate perceived vertical lines.    



Half Windsor Knot

The Half Windsor Knot is also known as the Single Windsor Knot.  A Half Windsor produces a neat, triangular, solid, thick knot, whose thickness is in between that of a a Four in Hand and a Full Windsor.  A Half Windsor knot is the type of knot to opt for if you are seeking the look of a Full Windsor, albeit with less effort.  Of important note is that if you are over 6’0, or close to 6’0 but of stocky frame, and your tie is NOT  made for taller men, you are best off going with a half Windsor.  A Full Windsor knot, as the name implies, requires more fabric for the extra wrap around, and hence, if you are taller or broader shouldered, usually requires a longer tie.  


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The Full Windsor Knot

The Grand Daddy of all knots, the Full Windsor is considered the most elegant of all.  The Full Windsor produces a wide, symmetrical, triangular knot.  It is widely believed that it has been named after the Duke of Windsor, who preferred wider knots and hence used a thicker cloth.

Constructed with extra precision, the Full Windsor Knot must be worth with a spread or wide spread collar, given the thickness of the knotA  Full Windsor especially suits slimmer men (and hence slimmer neck) who are looking to increased perceived horizontal lines and reduce vertical lines.  The Full Windsor Knot is considered all purpose, and is appropriate for business meetings, interviews and anywhere else that you want to look dapper!

And there you have it.  Our primer to Different Types of Tie Knots!  Check out some of our favorite ties at The Dark Knot, which all tie a perfect Full Windsor Knot!